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Bench press. and my current program

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  • Bench press. and my current program

    Hi again sorry for lots of questions but this will be short

    I am lifting for almost a year now but I still can't bench, I have read every single guide in stronglifts 5x5 for good form everything I do matches the right thing but I still get wrist pain,(my low palm) the pain is the most when I lock out and the weight doesn't matter,I overhead press 42.5 kg and I don't have wrist pain in overhead press but I can't even bench press without wrist pain with empty barbell, what should I do ?
    (İt is not possible to do a bulldog grip because we have technogym barbells and they're 8.5 kg, I think they're less bigger bars so you can't really do a bulldog grip with them, they're just so small.

    and currently I am doing this program ( I uploaded the picture) the Assistan word means accessory work. they're basically accessory movement for the main lifts, like romanian deadlift for deadlift or front squats for squats, paused bench for bench press.

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    maybe the Barbie bar is the problem


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      I really don't know, the other people in my gym don't have the same problem


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        Seems obvious but did you try wrist wraps?


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          No I have not, but yesterday I did bench with no pain actually, I figured out whenever I retract my shoulder blades my wrists have to bend more to the sides since when I retract my shoulder blades my hands move to sides, so when I lockout my wrist bends to the sides more and my wrist is not flexible enough for that I think.
          but I can bench without retraction all fine,I guess I'll have to give my wrist some flexibility.
          I'll try wrist wraps


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            is there a way you can share a picture of your grip? have someone take a picture of you holding the empty bar? it seems like there is a basic mistake happening somewhere with your grip to cause so much discomfort.

            THE ultimate guide is here, with grip highlighted at this time


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              Thanks for the video it helped a lot. it seems like my grip is just off and my scapula retraction was a little off, hopefully I'll get it this time