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    Morning Weight: 242.1 lbs.
    Calories: 2486 (238C, 216P, 69F)

    OHP: 185x1, 150x5x5
    Beltless Pause Deadlift: 255x4, 275x4, 295x4
    Leg Press: 270x10, 320x10

    *switching to full body (pull/squat/press) every workout and seeing how I react to it. I'm not too concerned if it sucks because my main focus right now is diet and losing enough weight to get my waist under 40 inches. Doing Leg Presses today was fun, reminded me of when I was younger doing bodybuilder workouts trying to be like Dorian Yates! LOL
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      Morning Weight: 242.3 lbs. (-2.5 lbs. from last Sunday)
      17851 total weekly calories, 2550 daily average calorie
      Maintain 2500 daily calorie limit this week

      Today's calories: 2494 (251C, 185P, 78F)

      1. Squat barx5x2, 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 275x3 (belt), 300x1, [email protected], 260x5, 255x5x4
      2. Pendlay Rows 165x4, 175x4, 185x4
      3. Incline Press 135x4, 155x4, 185x4, 205x4
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        Morning Weight: 241.9 lbs.
        Calories: 2504 (182C, 206P, 101F)

        25 minutes LISS cardio on the elliptical
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          Morning weight: 242.3 lbs.
          Calories: 2510 (181C, 209P, 102F)

          1. Bench Press [email protected], 265x5, 250x5, 240x5, 230x5, 220x5
          2. SLDL/RDL (ugly hybrid) 135x10, 185x10
          3. Pause Squat 135x4, 185x4, 225x4

          *not worried about weight or volume on the RDL and Pause Squat, just trying to start building capacity for doing three movements each workout. My main focus is always the first movement.
          *enjoyed descending sets starting with 8 RPE (e1rm x .81) but the [email protected] was actually more like 8.5 RPE so the 265 felt a bit heavier than I like on the main volume sets. Still, I was very happy with my bench press, it has always been my best exercise.
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            Morning Weight: 242.3 (stagnating, lowered daily calories to 2400)
            Calories: 2401 (154C, 198P, 104F)

            1. Deadlifts [email protected], [email protected] (got greedy), 5x5x335, 315, 315, 295, 295
            2. Beltless Squat 190x10

            -had to leave after this because it was taking too long, I really need to do this workout after work
            -coached a guy on the deadlift today!
            -deadlifts are tearing up my hands pretty bad, callous's are bad and thumbs are developing some sore rough skin due to hook grip
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              Morning Weight: 243 lbs.
              Calories: 2338 (176C, 177P, 98F)

              10 minutes elliptical HIIT 2min/20sec
              pulldowns, planks

              I've been having an intermittent, weird, achey/throbbing pain in my lower left abdomen or thereabouts. It's hard to pinpoint. It doesn't seem to be related to when I eat. It's worst in the morning shower after I drink my protein shake. Not sure what it is, going to start taking fiber supplements and hope it fades away.
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                Morning Weight: 241.3 lbs.
                Calories: 2235 (173C, 209P, 76F)

                25 minutes LISS cardio / elliptical
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                  Morning Weight: 241.3 lbs.
                  Calories: 2232 (180C, 188P, 81F)

                  1. OHP [email protected], 170x4, 160x4x4 (e1rm 194)
                  2. Beltless Pause DL 135x4, 225x4, 275x4, 300x4
                  3. Leg Press 90x4, 180x4, 270x4, 320x4, 360x4
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                    Morning Weight: 240.1 lbs. (-2.2 lbs. from last Sunday)
                    Waist: 43.5 inches (lost 0.5 inch)
                    Total weekly calories: 16,770 (-1081 calories from prior week)
                    Daily average calories: 2395 (-155 calories from prior week)
                    New calorie max: 2200

                    Calories today: 2178 (200C, 165P, 77F)

                    1. Squat 275x3, 315x1, [email protected], 275x4x5 (75% of 363 e1rm)
                    2. Pendlay Rows 135x4, 185x4, 205x4, 185x4
                    3. Slingshot Bench Press 275x4, 300x4, 315x4
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                      Morning Weight: 240.5 lbs.
                      Calories: 2200 (179C, 196P, 74F)

                      25 minutes LISS cardio / elliptical
                      Training Log


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                        Morning Weight: 240.4 lbs.
                        Calories: 2200 (140C, 170P, 100F)

                        1. Bench Press [email protected], 245x4x5
                        2. Beltless Pin Squats 135x4, 155x4, 185x4, 205x4

                        Beltless pin squats are new to me so just sort of warmed up into them to get the feel. I like them though, might switch them to a different day just to avoid triggering any bicep issues by combining bench and squat on same day.
                        Training Log


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                          Morning Weight: 239.9 lbs.
                          Calories: 2207 (173C, 192P, 80F)

                          1. Deadlift 135x5, 225x3, 315x2, 355x1, 385x1, [email protected], 315x4x5
                          2. Pin Press 95x4, 115x4, 135x4, 135x4, 155x4, 135x4

                          Tore a callous recently so I used wrist straps on the volume deadlift sets. I used to be against that but I don't know, my hands are pretty torn up so I might use wrist straps more often just so my hands don't look and feel like they've been through a blender.
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                            Morning Weight: 239.9 lbs.
                            Calories: 2143 (172C, 205P, 70F)

                            10 minutes HIIT on elliptical 2min/20sec
                            45 second ab plank (just going to build this up, abs bore me to death, can't do several of them)
                            5 minutes of light pulldowns
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                              Morning Weight: 239.9 lbs.
                              Calories: 2140 (159C, 168P, 94F) enjoyed a pizza today, kept it within my calories but macros kind of suck
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                                Morning Weight: 239.4 lbs.
                                Calories: 2171 (167C, 198P, 76F)

                                OHP: barx5x2, 95x3, 115x3, 155x2, 175x1, 200xFAIL, [email protected], 160x3x7, 160x4
                                Paused DL: 225x3, 275x3, 295x3, 315x3, 295x3, 295x3
                                Leg Press: 90x3, 180x3, 270x3, 320x3, 360x3, 410x3, 360x3, 360x3
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