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    10-8-2021 GAME
    .... played just ok.
    Other team was really bad (60-30 something was score); team from Ind.Resv.
    3 Jet sweeps for 15 to 20 yards each....
    A Punt return for 25 yards....
    Tackling was bad. (missed 3)
    Blocking was just OK.
    Needs a lot of work.


    10-9-2021 Sat - upper body

    135x5x4; 135x4 (5F!)

    --CHIN UP--
    1st time doing chins for a long time
    bw x3r x 10s ! (from [email protected] to [email protected] at end)

    -50 x 8
    -60 x 8 x 4



    --REACTIVE MED BALL THROW: #15 x 8 x 3
    ^ slow super set w/....
    --BALL SLAMS: #15 x 8 x 3


    10-10-2021 SUN - lower

    w.u. to a [email protected]; 240 x 3r x 4s
    ...3 box jumps in
    between all these, nice and easy (slow)

    +35 x8 x4



    135x8x2 nice and easy

    one set of burn out
    ??? x 10-12 reps, I forget

    DL was a new PR ( BW=140# / age= 14y.o.)
    Back was fairly flat; most impressive part was no straps and he hooked it ok /s.
    His legs have definitely gotten stronger in the last 3 months.
    BW 135 --> 140 it seems.
    Hopefully this will translate to T&F sprinting.


    10-11 and 10-12 will be just HSFB Practice after school


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      10-13-2021 WED AM


      --SQUAT: 200x3x2; 165x5x3
      ^ slow superset with....
      --ONE ARM DB ROWS: 40x8; 60x8x5

      --WT'D HYPER EXT on GHR: 0#x8; +35plt. x 10 x 4
      ^ slow superset with....
      --CALF MACHINE: 150x10x3

      --PLANK: one time at 60 sec

      ...that's it, hard to lift right now.
      We cram this session in every Wed before school, little time.
      I actually forgot about it at work (I start at 4:30 am), and he managed to call me at 6:05 to
      see if I was on the way. Surprised he woke up on his own.
      Only one day a week (during school days).

      Schedule is currently like this

      FRI- game, he doesn't start, play that many snaps (maybe 35%)
      SAT - if he's not beat up from the game, do lift upper body only (more volume and exercises)
      SUN- lower body (more volume and exercises)
      MON- FB Practice, med day
      TUES- FB Practice, harder day
      WED- FB Practice, light day; Quick lift session in AM
      THUR- FB Practice, just helmets and shorts, basicall "walk thru" stuff

      occassionally, we'll take Sat off, and then do full body lifting on Sun.


      pretty good video WRT how training should be done.

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        10-14-2021 - Thur - lite practice; helmets and shorts


        10-15-2021 - Fri Game out of town.
        Had a 60 yd catch for a TD....was a bomb; opponent fucked up their coverage.

        He had 4-5 tackles on defense.

        Ran a jet sweep and got severely face-masked....two hands almost
        ....his head pretty much got grabbed, and thrown down & spiked into the ground and he fumbled.
        Funny in that is was a 15 yd. penalty, AND another 15-unsportsman-like as they "taunted" after the recovery.
        Was a 30 yard gain then. Was a shame because he had two blockers, and the kid that facemasked him
        took a bad angle and that was his only was to stop him to grad his head as he flew by.
        Might have been a big play.
        The guy was a Senior 6' / 250# (a fatty 250) ... so you kinda see the problem here?
        (The Boy is only 5'10" 138# Freshman)
        It was actually kinda funny, except for the possible-brain-damage part.


        Musings about how kid's sports have been twisted and have lost their way ...
        ...that's why we go into detail into such things.

        Stuff like:
        - the Horrible coaches (all around, everybody, etc.)
        - Parents re-living their own sports careers thru their kids
        - Parents "rose colored glasses".
        - Kid-athletes raised wrong.
        - General life learning experiences.
        - and etc.... its all quite comical to me.

        The secondary purpose, is to document how I think I/we can make
        a better athlete for sports.


        10-16-2021 SAT am

        --BENCH PRESS--
        140 x 3r x 5s

        --CHIN UP--
        bw x 4r x 7s
        ...his form is really good.
        The last few sets he starts from a complete dead stop / fully extended on each rep.
        These were @8's at first then @9's toward the end.

        [email protected]

        ??? x 8 x 4


        60x8; 50x10

        --HAMMER DB CURLS--


        10-17-2021 SUN afternoon

        --DEADLIFT: 260 x 3r x 5s
        ^ really slow superset with ....
        --BOX JUMP: x3r x 5s (30"? box now?)

        --CALF MACHINE--
        straight leg
        120 x 12r x 6s

        --INLCINED WT'd SITUP--
        25# plt x 10r x 4s

        120 x 6r x 4s

        --SQUATS: 150 x 6r x 3s
        ^ slow superset with ....
        --WT'D PLANKS: 0# x 30s; 25# x 30s; 35# x 30s

        so yeah, we have a little extra time on the weekend, so we do a few more exercises and volume.
        The only other day for weights is Wed. mornings ....
        .... so we have a blow through that morning in about 45 minutes real quick with:
        - SQUAT
        - a PUSH movement
        - a PULL/ROW movement
        - something for HAMSTRINGS
        ....real quick.

        Also, he's recently turned 15.
        138-140# / pretty much 5'10".
        I hope he hasn't stopped getting taller .... but that might be it.
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          10-18-2021 Mon - HSFB Practice....conditioning was harder today


          10-19-2021 Tues -
          half days at school this week becuz parent-teacher conf.
          we had time after school, before practice, so we did a little more....

          --INCLINE PRESS--
          115x7x3; [email protected]
          ...this is progressing

          --SEATED ROW MACHINE--

          --DIP ASSIST MACHINE--
          ...building him up to do ('free') BW dips for reps


          --SHRUG MACHINE--

          --MED BALL THROWS:#15 ball x 8 x 4
          ^superset with...
          --PLATE FLIPS FOR GRIP: 15# bump.plt x 8 x 3

          --EZBAR CURLS:

          Then HSFB practice later in the PM.
          Conditioning wasn't too bad/hard.
          He seems to have a lot of energy when I saw him...

          Tomorrow same thing, we have time to do a little more becuz another half day.
          (legs/lower body)


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            10-20-2021 WED

            midday, short day at school again.

            --HB SQUAT--

            --DB LUNGES--
            20#'s x 5

            bw x 10
            +25#plt x 10 x 4

            --POWER CLEAN--
            ...blows thru 2nd pull; no DKB
            ...doesn't fully extend knee at very end of pull
            ...arms bend a little early and too much
            need work!

            --CALF MACHINE: ###x10x4
            ^ slow super set with ...
            --LYNLING LEG RAISE: x10x4

            . . . . . . . . . .
            Later that day in PM

            HSFB 2 hours



            I don't like power cleans for him, and most athletes at all, and I can do them well myself, love the sport of weightlifting... but I think they are shit for most athletes.
            I only entertain him learning them, because its sort of expected in a "football setting". For instance, one of the big publishing-app-ntaional-athlete-tracker-thingies ...the power clean is a standard field in the types of performance data you can enter or display.
            Like this:
            40 yd. dash: seconds
            Bench 185 for reps: n reps
            Squat: xxx lbs
            Deadlift: yyy lbs
            Powerclean: zzz lbs

            They do them in the weight program.
            I think we'll have to train it during the off season, and learn the mechanics better.
            Otherwise, everybody would be better off doing trap bar jumps, weighted jump squats, BTN PP, etc.

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              10-21-2021 Thur - lite practice


              10-22-2021 Fri - GAME - got jack stomped; nothing good happened.


              10-23-2021 Sat -

              BENCH: 135x5,5,4
              CHIN UP: 5,4,5,4,5,4,5,4
              INLCINE: 105x8; 105x6; 95x8
              SEATED MACHINE ROW: 150x8x3
              TRICEP CABLE PUSHDOWNS: 60x8; 50x10x2
              DB HAMMER CURLS: 3s x 8r
              REV CURLS: something-something


              10-24-2021 Sun.

              had to go fast; boy had something going on in the AM

              DEADLIFT: 255x3x4
              ...^slow superset w/...
              BOX JUMP: x3x5

              LEG CURL: 112.5 x8x3

              INCLINED SIT UP: just BW x 20,20,20,12
              ...^slow superset w/...
              CALF RAISES: 4x12

              SQUAT: 95x5; 135x5x2

              DB LUNGES: 40#DB's x 8 ...just one set


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                10-25-2021 MON.

                ...The Boy had Monday off school and was bored and wanted to lift at home or something.
                I was like, "whatever, do this *sends txt* but everything should be super easy and fast".

                --OHP: 85x5x5
                --INVERTED ROWS: BW x 12 x 4
                --PUSHUPS: x 20 x 4
                --ONE ARM DB ROW: 60x8x4

                HSFB CONSISTED OF:
                -Watch game film.
                -Then they went to lift weights, because somehow the head coach could not make practice for some reason.
                The coach had the entire bag of footballs in his car still from Friday night's game.
                I guess the other 3-and-half-coaches decided this was an insurmountable stumbling block to overcome ... so
                they watched more film, and then told the kids to just lift.
                The Boy texted me; I told him to simply tell the coaches he lifted already, and Sunday .... and Saturday.
                They were fine. He did some hang power cleans with 95# and then went outside and he threw the ball with Pete.

                Sooooooo.....liiiiiiike..... WTF over?
                We could hit, practice tackling, drills, sprint .... lineman could do lineman shit (that doesn't involve a god damned football).

                The head coach's wife has some bad medical issues going on now for 1 year, he's fine...gets a total pass.
                But the OC and DC and LineCoach and the other intern-school-kids-coach can't throw together a practice without the head honcho?

                In other news:
                There are rumors coming from of the other kids (whose fathers are coaches at the school for different sports) that's its likely
                the school may not have enough players to form a football team next year. And I can see it. We are losing a lot of seniors.
                We barely can form a team now: about 20-22 kids now; and about 10 of these are their first time ever playing tackle football.
                The Boy literally said, "It's my generation's fault, kids my age are more interested in video games, social media, politics, using proper gender pronouns, etc aren't interested in sports".
                And keep in mind, our school really pushes sports and physical activity for an academic-focused-school.
                If the team turnout is small, I guess they could quickly appeal to the AIA, and get moved down to the smallest conference.
                I don't know how in the hell we got bumped up from the smallest conference to the one up from there (this happened two years ago).

                This is all something to think about going forward...
                say if the wholesale deletion of football happens ...
                EDIT: IDK what we are going to do. You can't be eligible for a public school team if the Charter doesn't offer the sport.

                The whole thing is depressing.
                C10 caused:
                End of 2020, the whole track season got shit canned.
                2021, the track season started late, and was kind abbreviated.
                Football 20'-'21 in 8th grade got severally truncated .
                Now this shit, with Football.


                10-26-2021 TUES

                HS FB Practice
                (20) 20 yard sprints with only a dozen or so seconds of rest in between.


                In other news: I found another Youth Combine locally ...its occurs in May
                The results are impossible to find, as they market these things to put a "profile" together for kids to market themselves to recruiters.
                This is all a big scam, as 95% of the kids won't play college ball (based on the metrics I'm seeing) ...and it costs money.
                Point is, the info/results/data ain't public.
                BUT, they had a live stream (still up) on YT, in reviewing the video, the pause on the excel spreadsheet a bit ... a sort of leaderboard.
                You can see the most of the results for the WRs, RBs, an QBs.
                It was actually a beam started beam finished 40 .... only a few kids got down to 4.8 or 4.9. Which is normal. (hand timed would yield 4.6-4.7).

                Here's a whole thing on why 40 times are bullshit:


                Add to that: people lie (coaches, kids, parents, etc).

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                  10-27-2021 Wed

                  this is unusual, but he wanted to max since it was the end of the FB season
                  for metrics/comparison....
                  .....didn't work out so well

                  45x5x2; 75x5x2; 105x2; 125x1
                  135x1; 150x1; 160xF ...just barely missed it

                  w.u's then ...
                  200x2 ...i pulled the the plug at 2, he's tired/fatigued/not right

                  --HYPER EXTENTION ON GHR: just BW x 12 x 5
                  ^ slow superset w/ ....
                  --CALF MACHINE: 150x12x5

                  --LYING LEG RAISES--

                  --DB LUNGES--
                  35#DB's x 8 x 1 set

                  The conditioning at practice was pretty hard yesterday.
                  He woke up late, and was in disarray...never does well on Wed am's.
                  Did that stupid adlib workout Monday .... so all this figures.
                  Once I saw how grindy the squats were, I knew he was "off".
                  That said, his old max was [email protected] absolute @10.0000. Aug 28, 2021. Oh well. His squat and incline press has improved a bit.
                  Deadlift has gotten better (285--> ez 295..prob 300 or 305).