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  • Mikhail's Log - Are you for Train?

    Exodus Boards down, and I fear they'll never return. Been a couple of days now.
    This my son's back up training log. He's in, what they used to call, seventh grade....we'll see what happens with all of the COVID19 shutdowns.
    He does T&F and Flag Football ... and will eventually play tackle football I guess.
    He's be training on and off since age 11.

    3-11-2020 Wed. - TRACK CVHS
    (8) 10m blk starts
    (5) 20m blk starts
    (5) 30m blk starts

    3-12-2020 Thur - Nyet
    Restoration Day

    3-13-2020 Fri - WEIGHT TRAININGS
    BSQT: 33x5x2; 53x5; 73x5; 93x5
    OHP: 33x5; 53x5; 58x5x4
    [DL 93x3r + BoxJmpx3r] x 6s
    SINGLE LEG KICK BACK MACHINE: 70x5x2; 55x5x2

    3-14-2020 Sat - TRACK
    A few block starts and 20m's
    (4) 200m hard runs

    3-15-2020 Sun - Nyet
    Restoration Day

    3-16-2020 Mon. - SPRINTS
    (10) 40 yd dash; standing start, on art.turf

    3-17-2020 Tues PLYOMETRICS
    SVJ to ceiling: 6s x 5r

    3-18-2020 Wed - Nyet
    Restoration day

    3-19-2020 Thur TRACK at CPA
    AM (18) 10m block starts

    BSQT: 44x5x2; 64x5; 79x5; 100x5
    OHP: 44x5; 54x5; 64x5; 64x1 too slow, so stopped; 54x5x3
    DL: 110x3x5
    Inverted Rows: 3x8

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    3-20 fri at CV TRACK
    400m w.u. lap. And various warm up drills.
    (5) 10m block starts
    (4) 200m on 5,6,7 minute rests

    3-21 sat nyet

    3-22 sun SPRINTS
    (10) 40 yd dashes at end of street, 3 min intervals.
    Times were notably all over the place and somewhat slow.
    Its like his standing start (football WR stance) is all "late" and goofy now
    because of all the recent block start work.
    Forgot how, and which leg to push off of because its backwards now.
    Therefore, times are irrelevant .

    3-23 Mon ... no time for anything.
    School work via internet is not working out for anyone.
    Complete cluster fuck with the school system. All afternoon and evening trying to fix
    and undo what was done during the day.
    REST DAY....yesterday's thing is actually quite tasking, so i don't care.

    3-24 Tues planning .....
    TRACK in AM: (15) 10m block starts

    WEIGHTS in PM:
    3-25 wed
    (5) 200m 5, min rest intervals straight across
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      various interruptions and unpleasantries on the interwebbs

      5-5-2020 Tues
      (10) 80% technique runs: ~80m on 2 min intervals

      5-6-2020 Wed
      restoration day



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        5-7-2020 Thurs

        (5) 40 yd dash at end of street.
        Good result on 3 of them

        Then lift weights:
        OHP: 38x5x2; 48x3; 58x5x4

        DL: 58x5; 78x5x3

        complained about a outer hamstring/possible IT band tweek or something .... so stoppped


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          5-8 Fri -
          Rest. Figured to play it safe on the hamstring.
          He has had problems with a hamstring strain before

          5-9 Sat -
          Rest, again. I don't think he has had two days rest in a long time.

          5-10 Sun.
          (10) "80%" 95m technique runs on 2 min start intervals.

          5-11 Mon. Maybe weights and plyos???

          ....(these boards are kind poo poo TBQH.
          My vit D comment re:covid19, has been sitting moderation since last week)


          • 4l3x
            4l3x commented
            Editing a comment
            what is up with exodus strength? every time I try to open it, I'm asked to log in and then nothing happens. It's too bad.

            Do you know any other worthwhile forums?

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          The ExSt forums will probably be up soon .... there is some kind of problem with the hoster/server.
          They are working on it.

          No, most all of the strength training/weightlifting forums are going the way of the dodo it seems....


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            WEIGHTS: it was pretty late at night. Only did two things:

            BSQT: up to 94x5x3
            OHP: up to 59x5x4


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              5-13 Boy threw up at midnight, and then again in morning.
              Finally got hungry and ate various soups for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
              No Training.
              Funny enough, mother signed him for a c19 test on friday.
              I told her it sounded like food poisoning ..... that didn't matter IHO.


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                been sick for two days.
                threw up in middle of the night after we lifted last.
                been in the dumps since.
                no train


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                  w.u. then...





                  5-17 PLYOS

                  SVJ to ceiling; two hand touch now !

                  Hurdle Hops
                  (5) hurdles x 2 times thru that ... x 5 sets

                  Registered him for a summer flg football league!


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                    Just ran a bunch of pass-patterns.
                    About 40 minutes worth.


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                      Update. ES boards are down again.

                      I'll pick up from a couple of weeks back...
             recap, we were doing T&F and FFB (just fine) simultaneously...
                      until he injured his back a school track practice.
                      They run/sprint on a dirt track, and did some max sprint block starts on shitty grass.
                      I think he "slipped a disk" or something; as his back muscles should be quite strong ...
                      ...or its some bull shit non-errector tiny muscle thing.

                      So FFB has been put on the back burner (lol),
                      and we are trying to limp thru the track season to the Championship meet.

                      4-18-2021 - LIFT
                      --BP: 110x5x2; 100x5; 95x5x2
                      --DL: 95x8; 115x5; 125x8; 135x8x2 (rehab loads; he can do 250x1)
                      --CABLE CHIN UP PDs: 85x8x2; 90x8x3
                      --HACK SQT MACH: 105(empty sled wt) x8x3 (this is done to save his back)
                      --LYING LEG CURL: 80x8x3

                      4-19-2021 - TRACK PRACTICE AT SCHOOL
                      --various lite runnings

                      4-21-2021 -TRACK AT SCH
                      --same, various lite runnings

                      4-23-2021 - MEET !!!
                      only ran one race becuz of his back injury.
                      100m; 1st; only 0.02 slower than his PR

                      4-24-2021 - LIFT
                      --BP: 115x4, 5f, misgrooved; 115x5x2; 95x5x2
                      --DL: 95x8; 115x8; 135x8x3
                      --GC/NG CABLE PULLDOWNS:85x8; 75x8x4
                      --HACK SQT MACH: 105x8x4

                      4-26-2021 - TRACK AT SCH.
                      Short sprints.
                      Some circuit, jumpy, X-fit thing

                      4-27-2021 - HIIT AIRDYNE !
                      with dad in garage
                      (6) rounds 20sprint / 100 idle

                      4-29-2021 - MEET !!!
                      One race because his back.
                      200m ; first pl., new PR!

                      4-30-2021 - LIFT
                      --BP: 110x5x5
                      --DL: 115x8; 145x8; 165x5; 185x5x3 (still rehab mode here)
                      --LAT PULL DOWN: something x8x5
                      --HACK SQT MACHINE: 105x8x3 (still prtecting his back/no squats)

                      5-1-2021 - HILLS
                      Hill sprints at the dog park. 95m meters.
                      6 rounds on 4 minutes intervals
                      (going for power here / not conditioning)

                      5-2-2021 - SCHOOL TRACK PRACTICE
                      - Run a mile ? (wtf)
                      - (5) flying sprints (30m buildup; 30m sprint; 30 slow down)
                      - Then a bunch of short sprints in rapid succession (conditioning?)

                      5-3-2021 - LIFT with dad
                      --DL: 95x8, 145x5; 165x5x3 (this is rehab and tapering)
                      --BP: 110x5x2 seemed heavy/slow ; 100x5x2
                      --CHIN UP CABLE PULLDOWNS: 80x8x5
                      --HACK SQT MACH.: 105x8x3
                      --LYING LEG CURL: one set x 80 x 10

                      5-4-2021 - TRACK PRACTICE AT SCH
                      we will see....

                      5-5-2021 DONT KNOW
                      depends of 5-4

                      5-6-2021 REST !

                      5-7-2021 CHAMPIONSHIP MEET !!!
                      He has qualified and will run in the 100, 200, and the 4x400 relay.
                      In a perfect world....
                      he should win the 200m;
                      and either 2nd or 1st in the 100m (1st if lucky).
                      Problem is they have prelims, he'll run 5 races that day.
                      I don't know if his back will hold up.
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                        5-4-2021 TRACK AT SCH.
                        (2) 100m sprints
                        (1) 400m runs
                        (4) 200m runs


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                          5-7-2021 Fri
                          Super lite workout at school


                          5-8-2021. CHAMPIONSHIP MEET!!!!

                          100m prelims: tied for 1st with Kid#3...they ran in seperate heats.

                          200m prelims: 1st by a wide margin, set PR!
                          ...told him to take it easy on these, as he would have easily qualified. He ran full speed the whole way obvs...
                          He said his back was stiffening up
                          . . . . . . . . . . . .

                          100m finals: 0.06 sec, beat Kid#3 by 18".

                          back really bothering him. He almost didn't race the 200m, and I told him not to. He posted a really good prelim time, and an electronicly timed meet, and it's in the books. He opted back in at the last moment

                          200m finals: a wide margin, just below PR time.

                          Back really stiff now.

                          Kid#2 at the first reg season meet #1, who he barely beat, hurt his knee/leg/etc around regular season meet 2 or 3 per the rumor-mill. He was not competitive since then; qualified for finals, but a whole 0.6-0.8 seconds off. It's a shame, because if he had been in shape, it would've been a super close final between three kids. 3 kids within a meter of each other or less.

                          Kid#3 came out of nowhere around regular season meet#4 or 5.....Posted the fastest 100m time by a wide margin on the internet site the league uses. Substantially faster than Mikey. Going into the meet, we were both kinda down regulated to him only getting Silver in the 100m. Those times Kid3 posted WERE marked/classed electronic....but some of the coaches mentioned some coaches don't know how to enter times, and they had seen that kid at the other meets and he didn't seem that fast by looks.

                          Turns out that was probably the case. All of Mikey's times are within a fairly tight range, the USATF meets are e-timed, and the also....the others use handtimed. Our league: they round up(slower) to the next tenth...AND THEN add the standard 0.24c correction factor. Turns out, in Mikey's case that whole procedure is spot on.

                          So THAT happens from time to time. Championship meets are all e-timed, and then you see certain kids times fall way off.....and the kids who do club/USATF meets have more consistent times (ALL of those are e-timed). The various JHS's don't know what they're doing....


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                            Update. As some of the boards are down again.
                            Playing Varsity football at a small charter school....14 y.o. going up against 200# seniors.
                            5'10" about, 135#.

                            He's up to...
                            DL: 255 x 3r x 5s
                            BP: 135 x 5r x 3s
                            SQ: 225 x 1; (185x5x3)
                            OHP: 105 x 5RM