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    Hello, I’m Matt.

    Not new to this site but newer to posting here. I’m starting up a training log here as my current one on Exodus isn’t available at this time.

    I am 34 years old, I am divorced, and I live in a van down by the RIVER!

    Nah, just kidding. I am 34 and I’m happily married with 3 beautiful children and occasionally I pick things up and put them down. I’m originally from the SS site *cough* (no I don’t have COVID) and actually attended a weekend (3 day) SS seminar in Seattle 2015 where I was platform coached on deadlifts with none other than Jordan Feigenbaum. Austin Baraki was just getting SS certified that day so it’s awesome to see how far they’ve come both professionally and as lifters!

    Anyways, here are my current tested maxes.

    Squat: 470 lbs
    Bench: 335 lbs
    Deadlift: 500 lbs
    Press: 210 lbs

    BW: 231 lbs

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    Monday: BW 232.4 lbs

    Squat: Beltless/2 min rests

    325x5 x5 Beltless vol PR!

    Bench: Beltless/2 min rests/TnG

    225x5 x6 sets


    95x12 x3 sets

    EZ Arm Curls: EMOM/varied grips

    95x12 x3 sets

    ***61 mins total


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      damn dude. your intro scared me...i was like, NO! he got divorced! then i saw it was a joke lol. if i tried all that beltless i would snap. maybe thats why youre stronger than me.

      anyway, glad you started a log here, and like i said, you can embed you tube vids but not instant grams.


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        Cole lol just a little Chris Farley skit for you. I loved those motivational skits from SNL.

        Yes the Beltless work nearly did snap me in half during last training cycle but my back has since healed thankfully! I may have to use the belt for 335.


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          BW: 232.4 lbs (Currently still reverse dieting @ 3600 cals)

          Press: Beltless/2 min rests

          145x5 x6 sets

          Chin-ups: EMOM

          BW x7 Supine Grip
          BW x7 Supine Close Grip
          BW x7 Neutral Grip
          BW x4 Supine Grip
          BW x4
          Supine Close Grip

          Rowing Machine:

          1 mile in 4:35

          ***total session time 37 mins


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            This past week: Still Reverse Dieting from a 27 lbs deficit

            BW: 219.7 lbs (7 day avg at 3100 cals)

            Squat: 435 @7, 405x1 x5
            Paused Bench: 295 @6.5, 270x1 x6
            EZ SFP: 125x4 x3
            EZ Arm Curls: 125x4 x3

            Press: 190 @8, 170x1 x6
            Chins: BW+95 lbs x1, BW+70 lbs x3 x3
            Laterals: 25’s x16x2
            Hammer Curls: 25’s x12 x2

            Deadlift: [email protected], 425x1 x4
            Paused Slingshot: 350 @7, 305x3 x2
            Oly SFP: 127.5 x4 x3
            Oly Arm Curls: 127.5 x4 x3

            *All main lift backoffs and accessory EMOM except Slingshot 2 min rest.


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              435 @ 7 is ridiculous !


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                Deload Week

                *Monday BW stabilized at 220.3 lbs (holding cals another week to gauge)

                Squat: Beltless/2 min rests

                325x5 x3 sets

                Bench: Beltless/Control TnG/2 min rests

                215x5 x4 sets

                EZ SFP: Strict w double pauses


                EZ Arm curls: Strict w double pauses


                ***38 mins


                Press: Beltless/2 min rests

                140x5 x4 sets

                Chins: 60s rest/top pauses

                BW x8, 6+2 (hands slippery wtf gross)

                Laterals: Full ROM

                15’s x22

                Hammer Curl: Strict one-legged because I’m dumb (stability)

                15’s x12

                ***24 mins

                ***Cole I was not expecting that 435 to feel that easy or go up that fast lol.


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                  BW: 220.5 lbs (3100 cals reverse still, monitoring)

                  Deadlift: Beltless/DOH/2 min rest

                  345x5 x2 sets

                  Slingshot Bench: Beltless/Paused/2 min rest

                  270x5 x2 sets

                  Oly SFP: Strict/Double pauses

                  92.5 x12

                  Oly Arm Curls: Strict/Double pauses

                  92.5 x12

                  ***28 mins total
                  -Back to regular volume next week. Yuck.


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                    BW: 220.0 lbs (3100 cals reverse still, may go up 50 wed)

                    Squat: Beltless/2 min rests

                    325x5 x5

                    Bench: Beltless/Control TnG/2 min rests

                    215x5 x6 sets

                    EZ SFP: EMOM

                    90x12 x3 sets

                    EZ Arm Curls: EMOM/Reg,reg, drag

                    90x12 x3 sets

                    ***59 mins total
                    -sucking wind this workout, not cool! Lots of lactic acid burning, high stress, felt nauseous during and after. Right rotator also tight and sore. No top pauses on curls due to shoulder pain. Strength was good though but fatigue is setting in.


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                      Still taking creatine? I've been off for about 6 months, thinking about introducing it again.


                      • MattimusMaximus
                        MattimusMaximus commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Yes I’m still taking about 3-4g every day. My cals are much higher now on a reverse so I’m not sure why all the extra metabolic byproduct. Strange. I definitely feel the difference when not taking any Creatine though, way worse.

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                      BW: 220.6 lbs (Still reversing cals up 50 to 3150 today)

                      Press: Beltless/2 min rests

                      140x5 x6 sets

                      Weighted Chins: BW+15 lbs/EMOM/SG,SCG,NG alternating

                      235x4 x6 sets

                      Laterals: Full ROM/60s rest

                      15’s x24,20

                      Hammer Curls: Alternating/60s rest

                      15’s x15 x2 sets

                      ***43 mins total
                      -weight maintenance at 3100 cals for 2 weeks of the reverse. Carefully continuing the reverse diet to see if there’s any movement on the scale with a 50 cal/day increase. So far so good. The plan is to re-enter another cut after Christmas. Last one was 6 months so probably aim for another 5-6 months and hopefully drop another 20+ lbs. I think I’d be pretty at 200 lbs lol.