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  • front squat 80 kg x 5, 90 kg x 5, 100 kg x [email protected] PR

    pin press, chin 50 kg x 5, 55 kg x 5, 60 kg [email protected]

    Next week I will train 4x/week again.


    • This is my programming idea:

      Day 1: squat, press, incline variation

      Day 2: deadlift, press variation, light squat variation

      Day 3: squat variation, press variation, incline variation

      Day 4: deadlift variation, press variation, rows


      • 17.1.2022

        squat [email protected] 140 kg, 4 sets of 3 x 120 kg

        press [email protected] 70 kg, 4 sets of 3 x 60 kg

        incline db press 20 kg x 8, 25 kg x 8, 30 kg x [email protected], 30 kg x [email protected]

        Some discomfort in my right pec but tolerable.


        sumo dl
        Deadlfts felt very weak today so I didn't use that heavy weights.

        1 x 180 kg (surprisingly heavy, I pulled 200 kg last week), 3 x 170 [email protected], 1 x 170 kg???

        pin press, chin [email protected] 70 kg, 5 x 60 kg x 3 sets

        lat pulldowns 80 kg x 8, 90 kg x 8, 90 kg x 7


        front squat
        5 x 80 kg, 5 x 90 kg, [email protected] 100 kg

        I tried to floor press and even 60 kg felt like crap in my right pec. Seriously?

        2ct paused press @ forehead 5 x 40 kg, 5 x 50 kg, 5 x 50 kg

        close grip incline bench I did 50 kg x 8 and that did not feel good. Annoying.


        • I decited to do push presses today as it seems like a fun exercise.

          push press 1 x 80 [email protected] (hard to judge RPE in a new lift), 70 kg x 4 sets of 3 reps (pretty easy)

          This was fun. My technique isn't the best here as I have only strict pressed before so there is room for improvement. 100 kg push press would be a good strenght goal in the future...

          pendlay row 5 x 5 x 100 kg

          seated db press 8 x 25 kg, 30 kg x 2 sets of 8 [email protected]


          • Pec rehab: Today I did push ups (chest to ground) for 3 sets of 10. Some discomfort but tolerable.

            I have been lifting 4x/week, focusing on deadlifting and overhead pressing.


            • Bw was about 86 kg before the gym.

              squat [email protected] 120 kg, [email protected] 122.5 kg, [email protected] 125 kg

              Squats have been feeling good recently.

              push press [email protected] 70 kg, [email protected] 72.5 kg, [email protected] 75 kg

              My technique is improving. 90 kg push press is close and 100 kg is realistic in the future as well.

              high incline dp press 3 sets of 8 reps with 30 kg

              These felt ok in my right pec, these have felt much worse before. I would call this rehab progress.
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              • sumo dl [email protected] 160 kg, [email protected] 170 kg, 4 x 175 kg (grip problems)

                strict press 3 sets of 5 reps x 60 [email protected]

                neutral grip pull ups 8, 8, 6

                These have felt bad in my right pec too but today pull ups felt ok.


                • front squat [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 90 kg, [email protected] 100 kg

                  close grip high incline bench 4 x 5 x 60 [email protected]

                  This felt ok again, good.

                  seated db press 25 kg x 3 sets of 8 reps


                  • block pull, mid-shin [email protected] 150 kg, [email protected] 160 kg, [email protected] 170 kg

                    close grip floor press 70 kg x 5, 75 kg x 5, 80 kg x 5

                    Nice, these felt ok again. Now this pec rehab is going well.

                    lat pulldown
                    3 sets of 8 reps with 80 kg

                    This training/rehab week was good, now I can add a bit more chest work.


                    • squat [email protected] 130 kg, 3 sets of 5 reps x 120 kg

                      push press [email protected] 80 kg, 3 sets of 5 reps x 70 kg

                      db bench 29 kg x 8, 31.5 kg x 8, 34 kg x 8

                      This felt ok in my right pec, good.


                      • conventional dl [email protected] 180 kg, 2 sets of 5 reps x 160 kg

                        strict press 3 sets of 5 reps x 60 kg

                        neutral grip pull ups 3 sets of 8 reps


                        • This week I did 80 kg for 5 reps on regular bench for the first time in months. My best set of 5 on bench is 95 kg so only 15 kg to go. This is very promising and it looks like that I am now gaining bench strenght back. Now I think that I am ready to start untamed method type programming again as the first 3 weeks are high reps. Sets of 8-10+ are probably pretty good for my pec right now.


                          • Untamed Method (modified)

                            week 1, day 1

                            squat [email protected] 100 kg, [email protected] 100 kg, [email protected] 115 kg, 8 x 90 kg

                            bench [email protected] 70 kg, [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 80 kg, 10 x 60 kg

                            These working weights are not good compared to what I have benched before this injury but now it looks like that my right bec can actually tolerate benching which is very good.

                            pin press, forehead, myo 40 kg x 12 and my shoulders were done after that activation set
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                            • conventional dl [email protected] 140 kg, [email protected] 150 kg, [email protected] 160 kg , 8 x 140 kg

                              Deadlifts are feeling strong.

                              db bench [email protected] 25 kg, [email protected] 27.5 kg, [email protected] 30 kg , 10 x 25 kg

                              It looks like that my pecs were tired from yesterday since I haven't benched normally in months.

                              lunges 40 kg x 35 reps in total (10, 10, 10, 5)


                              • Now I have benched 90 kg for 4 reps so I am getting closer to where I was before this pec injury. I have also squated 130 kg for 4 reps and sumo deadlifted 180 kg for 4 reps. I started to include [email protected] to my training again and my [email protected] for bench was 95 kg this week. 95 kg is the heaviest weight I have lifted after my injury, still some work to do to bench 110 kg again. The goal is to get 100 kg for [email protected] like before the injury.
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