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  • Now I have benched 100 [email protected] as a new post-injury PR. Also 90 kg x 4 felt like @8 which is good. I think that I can hit 110 kg again this year.


    • Today I benched 102,5 kg as a new post-injury PR. It looked pretty fast on video but I think that it was @9. I could have definitely done 2 with it but 3, not so sure about that. Good stuff, my old PR of 110 kg isn't that far away.

      Btw bw is around 82 kg now, have to eat more lol.
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      • I begin to lift 4x/week again soon so I thought that this training cylce is over and it is time to test maxes. Bw ~82 kg.

        squat 140 kg (ties PR)

        bench press 105 kg (post-injury PR, 5 kg less than my bench PR)

        sumo deadlift 190 kg, 202 kg PR attempt (it got stuck at lockout ). My best dl is 200 kg.

        strict press 75 kg!!! (+5 kg PR)

        Not bad at all. I think that I can PR all my lifts this year, bench too.
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        • Back at it. This week I will train 4x/week.

          New training cycle, workout 1, week 1

          squat [email protected] 140 kg (felt strong), 3 x 5 x 110 kg (light but it was supposed to be for the first session)

          bench [email protected] 100 kg (didn't feel so strong), 3 x 5 x 82,5 kg (felt ok)

          seated db press 26,5 kg x 2 sets of 8 [email protected]


          • sumo deadlift [email protected] 190 kg, 3 x 5 x 160 kg

            floor press 3 x 5 x 80 kg (pecs sore from yesterday, so I kept the weight conservative)

            neutral grip chin ups 2 x 8


            • front squat [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 90 kg, [email protected] 100 kg

              pin bench (a bit above chest) [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 82.5 kg, [email protected] 85 kg

              Since I haven't benched this frequently (3 days in a row) after the pec injury, I take this first week a bit easier (not many sets)

              pendlay row 80 kg x 3 sets of 8 reps
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              • deficit dl (standing on a plate) 5 x 140 kg, [email protected] 145 kg, [email protected] 160 kg

                I tried to do footbal bar bench but even 80 kg felt way too heavy since I have benched 3 days in a row. So I did press and db incline instead.

                press 5 x 50 kg, [email protected] 60 kg, [email protected] 60 kg

                db incline 30 kg x 2 sets of 8 [email protected]

                Good stuff, 4 workouts this week. Let's continue next week.


                • squat [email protected] 140 kg (strange), 3 x 5 x 115 kg

                  bench [email protected] 100 kg, 3 x 5 x 85 kg

                  db press 26,5 kg x 3 sets of 8 reps


                  • sumo dl [email protected] 190 kg, 3 x 5 x 160 kg

                    I tried wide grip bench as my current grip is too narrow I think (for lifting the most weight)

                    [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, [email protected] 90 kg (No idea how this was so heavy. Maybe due to benching yesterday but I think that this wide grip is good).

                    neutral grip chins 2x8
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                    • front squat [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 90 kg, [email protected] 100 kg

                      floor press 3 x 5 x 80 kg (easy, just experimenting with this wide grip and it does feel good)

                      pendlay rows 3 x 8 x 80 kg


                      • Some overshooting today.

                        deficit dl [email protected] 140 kg, [email protected] 160 kg (no idea, this just felt awful)

                        footbal bar bench [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 80 kg

                        Well, better than last week, but I think that good weight selection for next week would be 70, 75 and then 80.

                        press 3 sets of 8 reps with 50 kg

                        Anyway, another week off liting 4 days/week. That is good. And I don't have any random pain now either.
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                        • This training week has been a bit more messy but I decided to hit some PR's as squats and deadlifts felt good.

                          squat [email protected] 145 kg PR

                          sumo deadlift [email protected] 205 kg PR

                          Good stuff. 100 kg bench didn't feel like I have 107.5kg-110 kg in me so I didn't go for it.