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    Tuesday 24.9.2020

    bench [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, [email protected] 87.5 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, [email protected] 82.5 kg

    Notes: Ok bench session, bench session 2 weeks ago was one of the best bench sessions I have ever had.

    experimenting with low bar squat 60 kg x 10, 70 kg x 10, 80 kg x 5 (I felt like the bar would drop, discomfort with shoulders)

    Notes: I have always squated high bar. I tried low bar with this slot, it felt like the bar was rolling down.

    chins in 7 min 33 reps

    Notes: I didn't do rows due to lower back issues.


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      Sunday 27.9.2020

      sumo deadlift 120 kg x [email protected] or something

      Notes: I tried how deadlifts feel today. I started with conventional. I had some lower back discomfort with 70 kg x 5 so did the same with sumo. Sumo didn't feel as bad so I decited to do sumo today, this was my 3rd time doing sumo. I worked up to 120 kg x 5. Bar speed was good and I didn't hurt my back again. Currently I am a bit scared to add more weight or do more sets because last time I did sumo I hurt my back with 130 kg (which should be submaximal).

      close grip bench [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 77.5 kg, [email protected] 80 kg (I got pinned :/), [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 75 kg

      Notes: Close grip went worse than 2 weeks ago. I am getting pinned under 80 kg... Whatever.

      press 50 kg x 8, 40 kg x 8, 40 kg x 5

      Notes: 70 % AMRAP in press never goes well after close grip bench. And back-off sets were even worse. Chest, shoulders and triceps pump was insane.


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        Tuesday 29.9.2020

        trying low bar squat 100 kg x 6, 105 kg x 6, 110 kg fail (bar position problem), 110 kg x 6, 110 kg x 1 (bar position problem), 100 kg x 6

        Notes: Wrist and shoulder pain with low bar. I just can't get the bar into a good position. I also felt like hitting depth was harder. After this my shoulders and wrists were done, even pressing 50 kg was hard! No more low bar squats for me, I squat more with high bar anyways. Racking and unracking the bar was very hard. Ok, this was only my 2nd time doing these but these weren't my thing. Makes no sense to do these because these hurt so bad that I can't press anything after these! This low bar disaster basically destroyed the entire training session.

        Well, there are good squaters who squat high bar. And there are good benchers and pressers who don't use the bulldog grip (I just can't get that down either).

        press 40 kg x 6, 45 kg x 6, 50 kg x 2... I just stopped pressing after 50 kg wasn't moving. I pressed 50 kg for 5 [email protected] after Stronglifts and after that my press has gone to 67.5 kg x [email protected] I didn't know failing to press 50 kg for reps is even possible for me currently. Weak.

        experimenting with 5-3-0 tempo RDL I tried both sumo and conventional. Sumo felt better. I only did 70 kg for these.

        Well, bad training session once again, this was probably the worst in a year or something... Hopefully bench moves well in my next workout.

        about weight gain/bulking I haven't gained any weight since I started this "bulk", I find it very hard to gain weight. I am still around 85 kg at 6'1/185 cm. My morning weight is usually around 83 kg and day weight can be over 86 kg sometimes. Fast metabolism makes weight gain pretty hard...


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          Friday 2.10.2020

          [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, [email protected] 90 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, 3x85 kg

          Notes: Some shoulder discomfort, probably from those low bar squats, once again bench didn't move very well. This is not a "shoulder injury" though.

          leg press [email protected] 90 kg, [email protected] 110 kg, [email protected] 140 kg, [email protected] 140 kg, [email protected] 140 kg

          Notes: Idk how much the sled weights, I just counted the plates. I decited to try leg press instead of squats today (my normal squat is hb).

          bb rows 70 kg x 12, 70 kg x 5, 70 kg x 5, 70 kg x 4

          Notes: Myo-reps. No lower back pain here really.

          bb curls with 30 kg 12 reps, 11 reps


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            Sunday 4.10.2020

            sumo deadlift
            [email protected] 120 kg, [email protected] 125 kg, 4x130 kg (I couldn't break it off the floor, typical), [email protected] 120 kg, [email protected] 120 kg

            Notes: At least I didn't hurt my back with these, that could be a win. Sumo is definitely harder off floor. Off floor was my weakness with conventional too. These are about 20 kg less than my best conventional numbers before the injury.

            close grip bench [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 72.5 kg

            Notes: Weakest close grip bench session I have ever had. I couldn't believe I can't rep 80 kg today and 75 kg was heavy. No idea what is going on with my presses.

            press 50 kg x 3

            Notes: :/
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              Tuesday 6.10.2020

              squat [email protected] 100 kg, [email protected] 105 kg, [email protected] 110 kg, [email protected] 110 kg, [email protected] 105 kg

              Notes: Ok squats, I did hb again. Not the best but not the worst.

              press [email protected] 47.5 kg, [email protected] 50 kg, 3 x 52.5 kg?, [email protected] 50 kg, 4 x 50 kg?

              Notes: Again, not sure what is going on here. 50 kg shouldn't be this heavy. Maybe the bar was a bit too high on my chest. Press is the lift I missgroove a lot.

              RDL 10 x 72.5 kg, 10 x 80 kg, 10 x 90 kg, [email protected] 100 kg, [email protected] 100 kg

              Notes: Some lower back discomfort. I have to work on my RDL form, the bar kept hitting my knees when lowering the weight. Maybe I have to push hips back more.

              ez bar curls 30 kg x 15, 35 kg x 10
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                Friday 9.10.2020

                [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 82.5 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, [email protected] 85 kg (I got pinned :/)

                Notes: First set with 85 kg moved surprisingly well. Maybe I should have rested longer.

                squat [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, [email protected] 90 kg, [email protected] 90 kg

                Notes: These are hard. My weights for these should be a lot higher based on e1RM. Maybe I should do leg press in this slot like I did last time. Idk, that would be less squating.

                bb rows 70 kg x 14, 5, 5, 0

                Notes: Myo-reps.


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                  Sunday 11.10.2020

                  I started with close grip bench because deadlift platform was used.

                  close grip bench [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 77.5 kg, [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 80 kg

                  Notes: Close grip went better than last week, that's nice. Program says repeat [email protected] until it becomes [email protected], interesting. Maybe I should have used a bit lighter weights.

                  deadlift/sumo deadlift 100 kg x 6 (conventional), 110 kg x 6 x 4 sets (sumo)

                  Notes: I tried how conventional feels. 100 kg x 6 didn't feel good so I decided to do sumo. I could have used heavier weights with sumo but I had some lower back discomfort with conventional so I played it safe. I will probably use at least 120 kg next time with sumo, 130 kg for sets of [email protected] would be a good improvement in this situation.

                  press 50 kg x 7, 40 kg x 7, 40 kg x 5

                  Notes: Well, at least press went better than last week. That 70 % AMRAP is very hard after close grip bench.


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                    Wednesday 14.10.2020

                    squat [email protected] 100 kg, [email protected] 105 kg, [email protected] 112.5 kg, [email protected] 112.5 kg

                    Notes: Squats went well. I could have done another set (it says repeat [email protected] until it becomes [email protected]) but I wanted to take it a bit easier.

                    press [email protected] 47.5 kg, [email protected] 50 kg, [email protected] 52.5 kg (missgroove), [email protected] 52.5 kg

                    Notes: At least press went better than last week, I am not happy with this though. I missgroove these all the time... For me press singles are easier than reps.

                    I tried block pulls instead of RDL's.

                    block pulls (mid-shin) 100 kg x 8, 110 kg x [email protected], 130 kg x [email protected]

                    Notes: Wow, these went surprisingly well considering my lower back issues. These feel better than RDL's. I could have done 140 kg x [email protected] (or close) for sure today, I do it next time. 140 kg x [email protected] would be a mid-shin block pull PR. That's fun to think about.
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                      Thanks for the information.


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                        Friday 16.10.2020

                        bench [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 82.5 kg, [email protected] 82.5 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, [email protected] 85 kg

                        leg press [email protected] 120 kg, [email protected] 140 kg, [email protected] 160 kg, [email protected] 160 kg, [email protected] 160 kg

                        Notes: First 2 sets were too light

                        bb rows 70 kg x 14, 5, 5, 2

                        Notes: Myo


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                          Sunday 18.10.2020

                          sumo deadlift [email protected] 120 kg, [email protected] 130 kg (overshoot), [email protected] 130 kg (I couldn't break it off the floor)

                          Notes: Sumo is definitely harder off floor than conventional. Off floor was my weakness with conventional so that could be why my sumo is much weaker than my previous conventional numbers. No serious lower back pain here really, some discomfort. I am not ready to pull heavy with conventional yet even though block pulls went well on Wednesday.

                          close grip bench [email protected] 70 kg, [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 80 kg

                          Notes: Again, I should have used a bit lighter weights. Decent close grip bench session though.

                          press 50 kg x 8

                          Notes: 1 more than last week but this AMRAP is still hard after close grip bench. I didn't do back-offs today because delts, triceps and chest were done. 63% (42.5-45 kg) for 3x12 is impossible for me after close grip bench and 70% AMRAP. Next week volume drops, that is needed. I run PB 1 again after this cycle, I try to do all volume in that cycle. Maybe I could do DB press in this slot. I don't have a 1 rm for DB press like I have for the press but I could grap like 20 kg dumbless for AMRAP I quess.


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                            Wednesday 21.10.2020

                            squat [email protected] 130 kg, 5 x 120 kg (I lost tightness)

                            Notes: Probably the best 130 kg x 1 ever, it was surprisingly fast. I think I had 120 kg x [email protected]@9.5 today but I lost tightness, 120 kg has never moved this well (it was my 5rm after Madcow). I try it again next week.

                            press 60 kg x [email protected] , 50 kg x [email protected]

                            Notes: My press hasn't been feeling right lately, feels like my technique is all over the place. Maybe pressing 2x/week was too much volume and intensity, db press might have been a better choice on day 3. I feel like I couldn't recover from that. That 50 kg for 6 was a bit too light today however, my techique was a bit better on that set.

                            block pull (mid-shin) 100 kg x 8, 120 kg x [email protected], 140 kg x [email protected]

                            Notes: Last set was a mid-shin block pull rep PR. Some lower back discomfort after that but nothing serious. Program doesn't describe block pulls in this slot but mid-shin block pulls are pretty tolerable currently so I did them. I could have used a bit more weight for first sets. I might try conventional DL on Sunday again.

                            cable curls and tricep pushdown superset 3x12-15 (Ok, I only got 7 reps on the last set)
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                              Saturday 24.10.2020

                              [email protected] 95 kg, [email protected] 100 kg, [email protected] 87.5 kg

                              Notes: Ok bench session. Single with 100 kg was decent, no grinding but I am not sure if I had 2 more.

                              2ct paused squat [email protected] 80 kg, [email protected] 85 kg, [email protected] 85 kg

                              Notes: I tried front squats before these, I didn't get them down so I did these. Choose 2ct paused squat and front squat for sets of 8=pick your poison haha.

                              No upper back work due to time crunch. Day 3 is coming tomorrow.


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                                Sunday 25.10.2020

                                sumo deadlift [email protected] 130 kg

                                Notes: For some reason lower back felt worse today. I tried conventional with 70 kg and it felt bad. Sumo felt a bit better. Now I had more discomfort with sumo than previously. I couldn't break working weights off the floor. I hit a mid-shin block pull rep PR on Wednesday. So without this injury, I would probably have a conventional dl PR coming... Today my deadlift was less than my squat :/.

                                2ct paused bench [email protected] 70 kg, [email protected] 75 kg, [email protected] 80 kg

                                Notes: First time doing pauses with high reps.

                                db incline 15 kg x 10, 20 kg x 10, 30 kg x 2 (lol), 22.5 kg x 10

                                Notes: First time doing these. Hard to rate RPE because this felt very unstable. Felt like I can press more but stability was a problem. Getting the dumbells into position was tricky.