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  • asdfpji
    Squat [email protected]

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  • asdfpji
    W3 Fri session on 4hr sleep and 2 cups of coffee, PRs!

    Deadlift [email protected] e1rn = 160
    Bench [email protected] e1rm = 77.5
    Squat [email protected] e1rm = 120
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  • asdfpji
    New goal 1RM progression calcs (3.76 months left in year)
    Lift Total Gain Monthly Gain Weekly Gain
    Squat +25kg +6.81kg +1.70kg
    Bench +7kg +1.91kg +0.48kg
    Deadlift +32kg +8.72kg +2.18kg
    Press +7kg +1.86kg +0.37kg

    All are on track
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  • asdfpji
    Top sets today (Wednesday) were:

    OHP [email protected] e1RM = 58
    Squat [email protected] e1RM = 131
    Row [email protected] e1RM = 85

    Tried bulldog grip on OHP, which made my wrists sore so I switched back to my normal grip.

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  • asdfpji
    Top sets today (Monday) were:

    Squat [email protected] e1RM = 135
    Bench [email protected] e1RM = 72.5
    Deadlift [email protected] e1RM = 135

    Still getting used to RPE, the later 8 rep deadlifts were limited by forearm "endurance".

    Currently on W3.
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  • asdfpji
    New "top sets" on Beginner Template are:

    Squat [email protected] e1RM = 125
    Bench [email protected] e1RM = 70
    Deadlift [email protected] e1RM = 147
    Press [email protected] e1RM = 57.5

    Currently on W2.
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  • asdfpji
    Started Beginner Template 23/08

    Did my first intentional cardio workout in approx 9 years today (Saturday). Alternated between brisk walk and light jog for 27 minutes and covered an asounding 2.9km (1.8 miles). This equates to 15 minutes per mile.

    Average heart rate 130. RPE6 was the goal, and it felt about right. Could have gone for another 20 minutes.
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  • asdfpji
    To reach my goal 1RMs, my gains will need to be as follows (there are about 4.5 months left in the year).
    Lift Total Gain Monthly Gain Weekly Gain
    Squat +35kg +8kg +2kg
    Bench +12kg +2.7kg +0.68kg
    Deadlift +40kg +8.9kg +2.25kg
    Press +12kg +2.7kg +0.68kg

    There are rounding errors in the monthly and weekly gains but they're meaningless anyway so I don't really care.

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  • asdfpji
    started a topic asdfpji's Training Log

    asdfpji's Training Log

    Restarted strength training mid June 2020 after a 5 month layoff due to wrist pain and gym closing due to COVID19. My current goals are to gain strength in the four big lifts: Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Press.

    I started lifting around August of 2018 (2 years ago). The programs I followed went something like this:
    1. My own 3x8-12 bodybuilding bro-split which left me sore for days at a time. 4 or 5 days a week.
      • Useless, gained some minuscule novice strength (E.g. went from benching the bar to ~40kg, deadlift from 50kg to ~80kg). Gained almost no size.
    2. My own 3x a week where I would, once already at the gym, pick 2 random exercises for each body part on a given day.
      • Slightly better than bro-split, but far too much volume and exercise variation. Intensity was not increased consistently thus progress was inconsistent. Gained some strength and size.
    3. 5/3/1 Boring But Big
      • Not a terrible program but I was approximately mid novice at the time and the intensity (esp on 5/3/1 sets) was far too low. Gained a moderate amount of size, didn't gain much strength as the weight progression was slow.
      • Not the program's fault since it isn't made for novices.
    4. My own upper lower 4 day split based around a 3x5/5x5 rep scheme on big compound movements, plus two or three assistance exercises chosen on the day.
      • Gained the most strength and size on this program. Looking back, the intensity was far too high (almost all working sets at RPE 8 or higher). Volume was also too high. This led to a knee injury which lasted about a month, and then a wrist injury which lasted about four months.

    Previous best numbers before my layoff were:
    High bar squat: [email protected] e1RM = 154kg
    Bench: [email protected] e1RM = 83kg
    Deadlift: [email protected] e1RM = 168kg
    Press: [email protected] e1RM = 62kg
    Bent row (NOT Pendlay): [email protected] e1RM = ???

    Before my layoff each set was basically RPE 9.5-10.

    Started off with conservative numbers for a 3x5 LP due to my previous made-up program running me into the ground. Bent rows were switched to Pendlay rows.

    (~18/06/20) Numbers for 3x5 @ 87kg/192lb BW:
    High bar squat: 60kg
    Bench: 45kg
    Deadlift: 70kg
    Press: 30kg
    Row: 50kg

    Last sets on my first session back were ~ RPE 7-8

    (19/08/20)Numbers for 3x5 @ 90kg/198lb BW | ~36.7in waist:
    Lift 3x5 weight Last set RPE Gain since last log e1RM Difference from previous e1RM
    Low bar squat 105kg 8.5 +45kg 123kg -31kg (-20%)
    Bench 62.5kg 9 +17.5kg 73kg -10kg (-12%)
    Deadlift 125kg 8 +55kg 147kg -21kg (-12.5%)
    Press 45kg 10 +15kg 53kg -9kg (-14.5%)
    Pendlay Row 70kg 8.5 +20kg 82kg ??

    e1RMs calculate using 1RM = (3x5 weight)/0.85. Switched from high bar squats to low bar squats on ~10/08/20. Still getting used to low bar form.

    Goal 1RMs by the end of 2020 @ Hopefully less than 95kg BW:
    (Low bar) Squat: 160kg
    Bench: 85kg
    Deadlift: 185kg
    Press: 65kg
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