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    Pivot/Ham & Glute rehab W2 D1

    TnG bench:



    Rack DL (3 pins from the ground)

    Tempo hamstring curls 3x10
    ss with
    Tricrep pushdown 3x10, to RPE 9,5

    Airdyne bike 20 min @ 6,8 km

    Weight 111kg.

    Everything is going well. Weight loss haven’t yet affected my lifting, even though its dropping relatively fast. Rehab is going well. Glute feels most when I’m passive and sit on a hard surface.


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      Pivot and glute/ham rehab W2 D3

      2s pause squat (without belt or sleeves)


      Hack squat
      8 x +25kg added
      8 x + 50kg added
      8 x + 75kg added/7
      9 x +100kg added/8,5



      No time for chins/abs.

      Weight: 111,2kg.

      Yesterday I did a lot of mobility/recovery stuff to my legs/hips and my glute was pretty angry from it. But today it was pain free. Zero pain in workout too, which was great!


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        Pivot and glute/ham rehab W2 D3

        5x80kg/ below 6


        Rack deadlift (only 1 pin from the ground!), hook grip
        5x160kg, changed to hook grip here
        5x140kg, much better
        5x170kg, good

        DB bench, myo reps 30kg

        Close grip lat pulldown, myo reps, 95kg

        Weighted plank 1x40 sec.
        Bw plank 1x40 sec.

        Weight 110,6kg

        Everything is going well. Weight is dropping, maybe too rapidly even, but it has not shown in training yet. Maybe I get winded/tired little bit faster, but weights are okay.

        I had a epiphany, hook gripping my pull feels less in hurt glute. I've hook gripped my pulls before, but stopped when I hurt my thumb. Maybe I'll try that.

        If next week keeps this theme, I'll stop my pivot there, and try to get back to proper training. I also can start upping kcals slowly. I aim to find a spot where I'll have very slow weight gain.
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          2 hours hike.

          I'm going to have a bit more scattered schedules and extra stress for the next months. So I'll scale down my training to 3d/week. Not a fan of 3d setup, but I can make it work. Next week I'll end my pivot and kcal deficit. Next dev. block might be slightly different for the squat and dead, but I'll see how the glute works.


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            Pivot and Glute&Ham rehab W3D1

            5x150kg/7 or so
            1x180kg/9 Some pain here.

            Squats are pretty much cleared. If I can do reps with 150-170kg (which is between 70-80% or so), I can train strength. My lower body lifts seem to do well with submax volume anyway.



            Zero progress with OHP. Well I'm dropping it now anyway.

            Circuit, 3 rounds
            12x chest supported DB rows
            6-7x weighted bulgarians per side
            12x HLR

            Weight: 111kg

            I'm ending this "block" soon. Not sure if this can be called block, since I did all kind of stuff and was not too disciplined. But I feel that I accomplished what I was after.
            I feel that I've pivoted, somewhat healed and ready to push strength again. I'll test my pull on Wed.

            I'm also going to end my deficit on Wednesday.

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              Pivot/Glute & ham rehab w3 d2

              Deadlift (hook grip)
              Worked up to
              3x180kg/8,5 (8 for strength, 9 for grip)

              No pain. Left leg still is not 100%, but no pain.

              Comp. Bench
              worked up to 3x100kg/8,5

              BW partial GHR 2x20 these stretched the hurt leg in a good way.

              BW push ups 2x20

              Airdyne bike 20 min @ 7,2 km

              I’ll start next (or first) dev. Block next weekend. So this was a low stress workout. I did build ”perfect” training week from my previous logs and start with that. There is also some experimental aspects, but we’ll see how things go. I need to be careful with squat and DL RPEs at first.

              Not sure will I keep log here too. I prioritize the RTS app, and update here if time.

              Training will go as follow:

              a) Squat [email protected]
              5x4x72,5% (based on a top set)

              Close grip incline [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
              -5% drop @ 9

              Abs 3-5 min if time

              B) Comp. Bench [email protected]
              5x4x77,5% (same as squat)

              DL [email protected]
              -5% drop @ 8

              Pendlay rows myo reps if time

              C) Pin squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
              -5% drop 2 @ 8

              Feet up bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

              Abs 3-5 mins if time

              D) 2s pause bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
              -5% drop 2 x @ 8

              deficit deadlift [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
              -5% drop @ 8

              2-3 sets of light bulgarians and GHRs for rehab/prehab purposes.

              Chins/lats 3-5 mins

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                Training is going well. I’m on week 2 and my total is getting close where it was highest on march.

                I’m not going to copy every workout here, but do a block review with comments after each block.


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                  Day after my previous post I got sick. Nothing big, but a couple days rest. The problem is that my Covid test results are delayed and I'm still sitting at home. I only got 5 workouts in and now I'm resting for 5 days or so. I'll probably just restart this dev. cycle. This is my first developmental cycle with the RTS periodizing, and I would like to pull it through properly.

                  I also did put my training in to 3 days (like I originally meant to do), since there is just too much shit coming. We're moving, there are some upcoming social events and so on. I like lifting with more frequent and shorter sessions, but life gets sometimes in the way of lifting. I'm not a high level in any scale, and I can't/won't prioritize this too much over other life things.

                  The setup is fairly similar what I posted above, just moved shit to different slots.

                  "Low intensity legs, High RPE upper"


                  Squat [email protected]
                  5x4x72,5% (based on a top set)

                  Comp. bench [email protected]

                  2s pause bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                  -5% drop 2 x @ 8


                  DL [email protected]
                  3x4x72,5% (based on a top set)

                  Close grip incline [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                  -5% drop 2x @ 8


                  Pin squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                  -5% drop 2 x @ 8

                  Comp. Bench 5x4x77,5% (based on a last bench workout)

                  Deficit pull [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

                  Upper back, ab and LISS -stuff 1-2x week (can be spread out)
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                    Block review:

                    So I finished the block above. Here's some results and comments:

                    5 weeks, peak on week 3 and 4.


                    Start Peak End
                    Squat 210.6 kgs 219 kgs 206.7 kgs
                    Bench 122 kgs 124.7 kgs 120.1 kgs
                    Deadlift 238.4 kgs 243.9 kgs 238 kgs
                    First 3 weeks were going up steadily. I peaked my DL and Bench on the W3 and squat at the start of the W4. I PR'd squat and bench and I'm really close to the 600kg total.

                    I was happy how I progressed. It went like I anticipated, I seem to always feel my strongest in week 3/4 and it's usually downfall from here. I could have keep going, but I also have the feeling I'll broke something if I keep the intensity up. Later of that below.

                    Perceived Fatigue:

                    I felt motivated and good to the peak, then felt shitty for the 2 last weeks. Squat felt pretty good all the way to the end. Dead was alright. I felt most fatigued in upper body, but bench still progressed well.

                    Overall started to feel tired, painful and unmotivated on week 4. Squat was still alright, but my overall performance went down also. I had to cut week 5 short (this week), since my back was cramping and the recent injury on the glute acting up.

                    2kgs increase in weight.

                    Really not much. Some upper back work here and there (seems to help some shoulder aches). I'll focus on GPP during the pivot.


                    Now I'll pivot for 2 weeks (high reps, unspecific movements, low intensity) and do something different for the next dev. block. Next dev. block will be 3 weeks + 4th week taper. I'll see how that works out.


                    A) Beltless squat to [email protected]

                    TnG bennch to [email protected]

                    bulgarians, push ups, HLR, chins

                    LISS if time

                    b) Beltless deadlift to [email protected]

                    OHP [email protected] + 1 down set @ 8

                    Upper back (whatever I want) for 15 mins

                    LISS if time

                    c) Front squat 5 @ 8 + 1 down set @ 8
                    RDL [email protected]

                    DB bench myo reps

                    Bi's and tri's

                    LISS if time


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                      Dev. cycle: "Busy Summer Fahves"

                      My June/July are not very focused in terms of training. We're currently moving, we're going to do some holiday travelling and and spent time at our cottages.

                      I'm going to have a short "development cycle anyway". I should maybe call it as base strength/maintenance cycle, but anyway. The point is to progress, so it's a developmental cycle. Training is bare bones: 5x5 in comp. lifts, and 3-4x4-6 with variations/assistance.

                      a) Squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                      2x drop set -5%

                      Comp. bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                      2x drop set -5%

                      Seal rows [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

                      b) Deadlift [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                      1x drop set -5%

                      CGBP [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                      2x drop set -5%

                      C) 2s pause squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 1x drop set -5%

                      2s pause bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 1x drop set -5%

                      pause deadlift [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

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                        I’ve given up for fixed days during this block. Reps/sets are pretty much the same, but I’ve been just using a priority list.

                        1 comp squat
                        2 comp bench
                        3 comp dl
                        4 pause squat
                        5 long pause bench
                        6 seal rows
                        7 CGBP
                        8 pause dl
                        (like if I will have enough time for stuff below)
                        9 Chins
                        10 LISS


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                          Block review:

                          So I finished the block above. Here's some results and comments:

                          4 weeks, peak on week 3.

                          Start, peak, end
                          Comp Squat 214.9 kgs 218.1 kgs 216.6 kgs
                          Comp Bench 124.4 kgs 127.5 kgs 120 kgs
                          Comp Deadlift 240.2 kgs 243.4 kgs 234.7 kgs

                          I got the peak again on the 3rd week. Then I tried to have a taper, but it was clearly killed by certain life events. Overall the progress was not great. No PRs and my total did not reach last dev. cycles. level. The workouts were hard, but not in a good way. I did not expect too much from traditional 5x5, and did not get much. It was not purely from programming, I just could not focus so much on training during this block.

                          Perceived Fatigue:

                          I felt pretty bad all the time. Fatigue was pretty constant, but I had no great workouts either. I had a lot of shoulder issues, which seem to come when I neglect certain things.

                          I have not calculated my kcals for this cycle. Nor tracked my weight closely. It has been about the same through the block.

                          Not much. I need to get some upper body pulling in, since some variations seem to make my shoulder blades feeling more healthy.


                          Overall this block has been pretty poor. I've kind of maintained my strength, which was the goal. But I need to get more focused again soon, specially with eating and recovery work.

                          My pivot for this week has been digging drainage pipes/holes to the yard. I haven't been lifting for 6 days now. Prob. going to start next dev. cycle later this week. Probably need to go with a priority list. I will also try to make more intelligent program choices while still being efficient. I have not yet decided how will I go with this, but I need to figure it out soon.


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                            This will be my next dev cycle. It will probably take only 3 weeks, then I'll have a week long trip. After that I'll start pretty focused meet prep.

                            This 3 weeks will be made of shorter and more aggressive sessions, with lot of hypertrophy/higher rep work, but I still handle it as a dev. block. Going to use singles again, since they are much more specific/better. I try to go to gym 3 times a week, and I'll use priority lists inside workouts. Main lift first and then I see for what I'll have the time.

                            Strength and hypertrophy in a rush:

                            DAY 1
                            Comp. Squat [email protected],5 3x6x75%
                            Floor press [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                            SLDL [email protected] [email protected]

                            DAY 2
                            Comp Bench [email protected],5 3x6x75%
                            Pin Squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                            Seal rows Myo reps 12/4

                            DAY 3
                            TnG Bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                            Comp. DL [email protected],5 3x6x75%
                            DB bench Myo reps 12/4
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                              Did the above for 2 weeks and stopped. High rep work went too high RPE for me currently. Ended up having poor performance and aches. Overall this summer has not been great, and I'm lagging from the springs performance. It's not too far away from the meet either, so I decided to start meet prep and actually ease up my training a bit. Specially with the comp. lifts I seem to perform better with submax (RPE 6-7) sets, rather than harder ones.

                              So my training for the meet will go as follows:

                              weeks 1-2: (undershoot the RPEs a little for this phase)

                              Squat [email protected],5 5x4x72,5-75%
                              Incline Bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                              Face pulls 2-3 sets

                              Comp. Bench [email protected],5 5x4x72,5-75%
                              Bulgarian split squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                              Seal rows 3 sets

                              Deadlift [email protected],5 5x4x72,5-75%
                              Feet up bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                              Ab work if time

                              Week 3: Off/travel/holiday week. Maybe one or two light workouts here.

                              Weeks 4-6: (can be a little more aggressive with RPE's if feeling it)

                              Squat [email protected],5 4-6x4x72,5-75%*
                              Incline Bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                              Face pulls 2-3 sets

                              Comp. Bench [email protected],5 4-6x4x72,5-75%*
                              Pin squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -5% drop set
                              Seal rows 3 sets

                              Deadlift [email protected],5 4-6x4x72,5-75%*
                              2 sec pause bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -5% drop set 2x
                              Ab work if time

                              * depending how much volume I feel I need based on the last weeks.

                              Week 7: Taper week and the meet.
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                                My meet was postponed again. No need to say I’m frustrated. If the meet is in 16th of October, it has been a full year of my last meet.

                                Anyway. I have a rough periodization plan in my mind. Not sure about frequency or excersises, but I will figure out these before monday, when I’ll start my next block. Tomorrow I’ll hit comp. lifts with moderate intensity/volume just to keep touch.

                                The setup is something I find working pretty well: more sets with comp. lifts, but they’re low RPE. Less sets with assistance/supplemental, but they’re higher RPE.

                                The rough plan goes as follow.

                                4 weeks:
                                main lifts [email protected],5, 4-6x6x70-72,5%
                                Assistance lifts [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] + possible down sets
                                Assistance can be less spesific stuff too.

                                1-2 week pivot cycle

                                3 weeks:
                                Main lifts [email protected], 4-6x4x75-77,5%
                                Assistance lifts: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] + possible down sets
                                Quite specific stuff only.

                                1 week taper.
                                openers and 3-5x1x50-60%
                                No assistance.