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    So I'm keeping up the idea my meet will not be cancelled/moved for the 5th time. It's possible, but I just need to build up no matter what.

    I'm going to try something like this for my first phase. It's not ideal of course, but this kind of setup seems to work decently for me. Going to try something new too, since I'm not yet super close to the meet.


    Workout a

    Squat [email protected],5
    down sets: 4x6x70%

    Incline bench: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

    Seal rows 1-2 hard sets (7-10 x RPE 9) if time/energy.

    Workout b

    3s pause squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

    Comp. bench [email protected],5
    down sets: 5x6x72,5%

    Bulgarian split squats 1-2 hard sets (7-10 x RPE 9) if time/energy.

    Workout c

    Feet up bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] + -5% down set @9

    Deadlift [email protected],5
    down sets: 4x6x70%

    5min in of arms and hams if time/energy.

    GPP 1-2 times/week. (I'm having a lot of work to do in my yard, shovelin etc. That's better than nothing. Probably going to gather a lot of mushrooms and berries from the woods, that'll give me some movement too).


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      So I finished the block above. Here's some results and comments:

      4 weeks, 3 weeks of volume, 1 week taper

      Start, peak, end
      Comp Squat 210.6 kgs 219.3 kgs 219.3 kgs
      Comp Bench 119.2 kgs 124 kgs 120 kgs
      Comp Deadlift 235.1 kgs 239.4 kgs 239.4 kgs
      The taper worked well to my deadlift and the squat. Bench seem to peak in week 3, so I need to make it to week4 by having one easier week in between. Overall I had some progress, but nothing crazy. Did PR only the squat.

      Perceived Fatigue:

      I felt good, not much fatigue. Probably could have trained harder, at least the bench. I also going to try to maintain the 3x week squat and bench frequency.

      I have not calculated my kcals for this cycle. Nor tracked my weight closely. It has been about the same through the block.

      Did some upper back and arm work, which was a good thing. Cardio side sucks though.


      This was a decent block, which paved my way for future success and did teach me couple things. The progress was not great, but not terrible either (Pripyat -pun not intented).

      Going to pivot for a week or two now. The meet is pretty close, so I need to train relatively focused anyway. Going to focus on building muscle with not so specific movements. Going to up my kcals up too (maybe even calculate them again, it surely worked last time). Maybe also some beltless/sleeves comp. lifts with lightish weights to keep them in. Also, definitely going to up my conditioning with circuiting accessories or something.


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        PIVOT (1,5-2 WEEKS)

        A) Box jumps

        Unequipped HB squat to [email protected]

        OHP 5 @ 8

        Circuit (10-15 min, rpe 7-8)
        DB rows
        DB OHP

        B) Box jumps

        Unequipped TnG bench to [email protected]

        Front squat 5 @ 8

        Weighted plank
        Face pulls

        c) Box jumps

        Unequipped deficit pull to [email protected]

        Circuit (10-15 min, rpe 7-8)
        Lunges (any kind)
        DB bench
        Chins/pull ups

        Not 100% about this, but something with this kind of spirit.
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          Meet prep

          Priority 1 workout

          Comp. squat [email protected], 5x4x75%

          Comp. bench [email protected]*

          2s pause bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -5%x3*

          upper back (if time)

          *only 5x4x75% comp bench on week 2.

          Priority 2 workout

          TnG Bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -5%x5

          Comp. DL [email protected] 5x3x75%

          Bulgarians (if time)

          Priority 3 workout

          Pin squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -5%x4

          Incline Bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -5%x6

          Deficit DL [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

          Shoulder work (if time)
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            After a years break I managed to get in to a meet.I was quite nervous at first and not everything went 100% smoothly. Managed to pull a great meet nonetheless.

            200kg - easy opener.
            210kg - easy, but fucked up the commands. No lift.
            215kg - did not want to risk it after the second try, had at least 5kg more in me.

            115kg - had too short time for warm ups and went immediately after 1x105 to do this. It was hard, but I got it.
            120kg - went better than the 115.
            122,5kg - A very fucking hard. RPE 11/10. But got it with twp whites.

            220kg - easy opener.
            235kg - Solid. Maybe RPE 9.
            245kg - Hard, bar moved a little too far from my chins. Got it though. Three Whites.


            Total 582,5kg/1284lbs
            BW 109,4kg/241lbs

            I was happy with this. Not sure what I’ll do next. I’m resti g for a couple days and start a pivot cycle.


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              1600m run @ 7 min.

              Just testing my cardiovascular state. Its better than I feared.


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                Upper body pump stuff

                Fat man rows myo reps
                BW push ups myo reps

                Curls rest pause set
                Lateral raises rest pause set

                Back to training next week.


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                  So got back to training yesterday. It felt terrible, which was not surprising.

                  This cycle is not full pivot, but not full strength either. Lower RPEs and intensities, while keeping the exercises pretty specific.

                  Workout 1
                  a)Comp. squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                  down sets: 2x8x65%

                  b) Comp. bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                  down sets: -5% 1x6

                  ab work for 5-10 mins

                  Workout 2

                  a) Floor press [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                  down sets: 2x6x70%

                  b) Comp. deadlift [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                  down sets: deficit deadlift 2x8x65%

                  Shoulder work for 5 mins

                  Workout 3

                  a) High bar squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                  Down sets: -5% 1x7

                  b) CGBP [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                  Down sets: -5% 1x7

                  Upper back work for 10 mins.

                  "Long" term plan is to reach the 600kg total, which is very close now. I'm aiming to hit it in January, either in a official meet or in a mock meet. After that I'll move towards more general strength goals (I have some plans, but I'll get back to them later).


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                    4 weeks, 3 weeks of volume, 1 week taper

                    Start, peak, end
                    Comp Squat 199.6 kgs 217.7 kgs 217.7 kgs
                    Comp Bench 120.1 kgs 122.4 kgs 122.4 kgs .
                    Comp Deadlift 227.8 kgs 236.4 kg 236.4 kgs
                    Uneven cycle. Mostly building my strength back after the Meet.

                    Perceived Fatigue:
                    Pretty high fatigue. Specially in the bench. Also had big motivation problems during this cycle. Might be the thought about taking pause from PL.

                    I have not calculated my kcals for this cycle. Nor tracked my weight closely. It has been about the same through the block.

                    Did a lot of face pulls and upper back stuff. Felt good.


                    This was alright block, prepared me to peak my strength in the next one.

                    Easy pivot week now. Very unspecific stuff for high reps. Going to start the development cycle after 7 days. That might be last PL focused strength cycle for a while. I have other plans for next year.


                    • Pivot week: Just higher rep stuff. I'll avoid barbells for a couple days. Old injuries and mental side are bothering me a bit.

                      Next developmental cycle:

                      1) Squat [email protected] 6x4x75%
                      Comp. bench [email protected]
                      2s pause bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -5% x3

                      2) Deadlift [email protected] 5x4x75%
                      High Pin Bench ([email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
                      TnG Bench 2x7 @ 7

                      3) Pin squat [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -5% 2x4
                      CGBP [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] -5% x6

                      some upper back stuff if energy.

                      Rest week and a mock meet after the cycle (before holidays). If I reach the 600kg total, I'm happy. Even though it would not be in a official meet. I've done 3 meets now, so I have a idea how it would work out.
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