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    Figured I’d log here so I have any easy place for storage. I have started and stopped so many times, hard to keep track of...and I do enjoy training. I really have no excuses either as I have a garage gym with a squat rack, smith machine, dumbbells up to 90,s, 500# of plates, and a rower. Okay, perhaps one excuse...I live in Wisconsin and the garage gets cold!

    Stats as of today:

    5’8”, 205#

    Have always been athletic, and my build is a thicker upper body, and fairly lean legs. I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome last year, so have to watch that.

    goals: Lower waste circumference, get stronger, get better cardio fitness, have more energy.

    On week 4.4 of beginner program. For the second time. Started and stopped several times during my life, so hopefully this time will stick. Would like to make my age 50 my strongest year yet, and realizing retirement isn’t far away, so would like to be able to live it for as long as possible.

    Yesterdays workout:

    OHP: 115x4, 120x4, 125x4x3 ( this was probably RPE of 8.5 or 9 on the last set)
    Squat: 225x7, 235x7, 245x7x2 ( These felt pretty good...recorded the first set of 245...could probably get a bit lower)
    BO Rows: 120x10, 135x10, 145x10x2 (I hate this exercise...not sure why, but my elbow acts up when doing them)
    GPP: lat pull down/bb curls/rope press downs-superset these 3 for 12-15 reps for 4 sets with 1 minute rest between circuits
    GPP: Took the dog to the dog park(30 acre park) and hiked that 4x around in the snow...took an hour and was sweating. Felt like my heartbeat was raised.

    I generally get 15000 steps per day..probably got more when I actually was working daily in kitchens

    Nutrution has been pretty good. Eating right around 2300 calories, with goal of 35g fiber, 180g protein...and I kind of let the rest fall where it may as long as it’s under the 2300 threshold. I do track on myfitnesspal.

    I did start creating this feeling a bit bloated and definitely grassier than usual. Hopefully that goes away soon, or I may be sleeping in the guest room.

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    Crazy day. Got 10-12” of snow...and since my wife cares a whole lot about the environment, we don’t have a snow in Wisconsin. So got to shovel for about 90 minutes of decently heavy snow...that was a pretty good workout. Through a bunch of snowballs for my puppy to chase so she got good exercise...and am happy that 2 years after a rotator cuff and labrum repair, my arm felt pretty good.

    Probably went over calories by a bit yesterday, but it was my wife’s 51st had a great celebration dinner...and cake.

    workout today:

    Day 3, week 4.4

    DL: 275x4, 295x4, 315 x4, 325x4 ( 315 went up great, which is what I did last week, so let’s add #10 I thought...325 was a grind...RPE 9)
    BP: 175x8, 185x8, 195x8x2 ( I was planning on 190 as to sets, but this went up well)
    Squat: 185x10, 195x10, 205x10x2 ( was planning on 225 here...but nope. Perhaps all the shoveling took its toll here)

    On a side not, who programs sets of 10 squats...are they masochists or something? As the dwarf said in Lord of the Rings “I’m more of a sprinter”.

    I still don’t have a belt, so should probably get one, and perhaps some lifting shoes.


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      Want to come here daily to keep me accountable...whether I lift or not. I think this will help. My trend has been to be really dedicated for about 2.5 months at a crack...and would like to make this more permanent this time. I think having the dog will help with just NEPA, especially first thing in the morning. Now to keep the training going with the lifting, and going into the next phase, to do some GPP.

      Put my stats into a BMI calculator yesterday, and it spits out that I am obese. Shows I should get under 167 for my height. I don't see that as very realistic..but who knows. I do know my waist circumference I can get under the 37". That will be a little more tedious to track than the scale, but perhaps do the scale weekly and the measurement e/o week.

      Diet has been pretty good. I'm not being 100% strict on clean eating, but certainly not doing IIFYM either. Will eat grilled chicken with 1/3 serving of french fries, or had 1 piece of french toast with egg whites/1 yolk, with some turkey sausage. Things like that so it's not super restrictive, and hopefully sustainable for me, family, and lifestyle.


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        So...missed my weights last night. I was just exhausted. Not sure if it was from all the shoveling, tough walking/hiking through snow at the dog park, if the 8 weeks of caloric restriction kicked in...or what, but I just didn't have it. Diet stayed fine...and that's usually a sign for me...when the sugar temptation kicks in...but it hasn't...yet. Will get the weights in tonight though, and since my gym is in my garage, will do Thursday/Saturday/Monday, followed up by W/F/Sun the following week. That will take me to week 4.6 on the beginner, and then we take a week at the water parks...then will switch to the second phase of the beginner program. Supposed to get frigidly cold starting tomorrow, so this will be a good test...or challenge.


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          Got my lifting in today. Did sort of a hybrid between days 1 & 2. It was cold...37.4 degrees in the garage. Felt pretty strong that was nice. Diet has been solid. This level of deficit seems sustainable for me right now. Not really struggling with hunger. About 10 days in from starting creatine, don’t feel gassy anymore, which all in the house appreciate. Have a lot of snow on the ground, and it’s not suppposed to get above 13 for the next week or so.

          OHP: 115x4, 125x4, 130x4x3 (felt good...right about rpe 8.5 on last rep of last set)
          squat: 225x7, 245x7, 275x4, 295x1, 245x7 ( combined day 1&2 with these. They were feeling really good, so decided to push a little...took a video of the 275x4 and by my eye they looked good)
          BO DB Rows 60x10, 65x10, 70x8x2

          BB Curl : barx15x2
          rope press down: 40x12x2
          lat pull down: 140x8x2
          suspended push-up: 8x2


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            Chilly morning for a workout. It was 27.6 F in the gym this morning. Started out with coat, hat, hoodie, gloves, long undies. I went in with limited expectations, and exceeded those. I will say it felt like energy waned at the end pretty good, and after Friday's workout, I was still feeling some of those effects. Ate pizza last night, and due to that, might not have gotten my protein in for the day...or probably my fiber...but got close on that one. I'm going to chalk it up to a re-feed...I'm not going to call anything "cheat" days anymore. Just eat healthy most of the time, move ALOT, and the rest will take care of itself it seems. If I eat healthy and below calories for this weight loss, it seems almost hard to eat "bad", as I just don't have room/hunger for more food most of the time.

            Getting my second dose of the covid vaccine today. I've been hydrating pretty good this morning, as I've read that can mitigate some of the side effects. We shall see. I made 2 different soups yesterday for tonight/this week if I'm feeling bad/fatigued and don't have the energy to cook.

            Deadlift: 255x4, 275x4, 295x4x2 (RPE 7.5 on the last set. I used straps, as the bar was really...really cold. I wore winter gloves for the 255, 275 sets)
            Bench: 155x10, 165x10x2...really focused on a 1 second pause at bottom. Not sure I've done that before. Definitely felt it in the chest more than the tri's
            Squat: 185x10, 205x6, 225x6x2 (Legs felt heavy from Friday's session, but still wanted to get some work in..scheduled for sets of 10, but cut them short...hard to get breath in the cold)

            Lat Pull: 140x12
            DB Shoulder press: 30x18
            BB Curl: 55x10
            Rope Push down: 40x14

            Could not take the dog to the dog park this morning due to the bitter cold. It was -9 upon waking up. She was very sad.


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              Significant soreness today. Not sure if that's due to the cold in the garage, or working in conjunction with the second dose of the vaccine. Will hopefully get a chance to hit the rower tonight for some GPP. Looking to get an assault bike, as I hate the does my wife, so I think that's a decent compromise. I think she would like a we may have some more negotiating to do.

              I haven't been on the market for any exercise gear for a while, and have bought all of mine second hand. Holy smokes the cost of plates has skyrocketed! I used to pay like .50/#, now it's like $1.50 per pound...seems crazy. I'm going to be in the market for another couple of 45's, and another olympic bar.


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                So the soreness was completely from the second dose...holy cow, that hit hard when it hit. I wrote that at 12:48 our time, and was in bed about 2 hours later, slept until 5, took a shower, made and ate dinner, and went back to bed. Needed Tylenol to be able to fall to sleep. The lymph node under my left armpit is still a bit swollen and tender...lets hope the robust immune response means something.

                Took the pup to the dogpark for a quick jaunt...about 40 was a whopping 4F, but I worked up a sweat, and she seemed no worse for the wear. When we got in the car, her paws didn't even feel cold.

                Week 4.6 starts today. This will be the last week of the 1st phase of the beginner program. A natural break as we are out of town next my first easy week for phase 2, will be a condensed one...3 workouts into 2. Will run phase 2 for roughly 9 weeks, and then the third phase for another 8 weeks, and that should take me to the first week of June.

                Diet has been fairly consistent. Might have binged a bit on the weekend, but not horrible food...just perhaps calorie dense...then on Monday, did my weigh in, and I was down to 204. Would like to be about 180 by June 10...and that's just the weight goal. We head to St. Maarten on June 11th.

                After we get back from St. Maarten, will probably run the general strength and conditioning would like to get a better cardio base. Goal by the end of summer is to run a sub 30 minute 5k.


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                  Workout tonight...felt good going in..,had high hopes...

                  squat: 255x4, 265x4, 275x4x2 (These felt heavy...was hoping to go up to 285)
                  bench: 155x10, 165x8, 175x8x2 ( focused on 1 second pause at bottom...felt good)
                  DL: 185x8, 205x8, 225x8 (I was spent)

                  I still think there is slight lingering from the vaccine. Will hit it hard on Friday.


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                    Life got in the way for my Friday workout, so got it in on Saturday. Took the dog to the dog park for some cardio, as well as did some snowdio. Got roughly 3 inches of snow.

                    week 4.6, Day 2

                    OHP: 115x4, 125x4, 135x4, 130x5, 125x6
                    squat: 225x7, 235x7, 245x7x2(felt good.
                    Db Row: 65x10, 70x10, 72.5x10x2 (overshot the rpe on last set)

                    suspended push-up 10x2
                    lat pull down:160x10x2
                    bb curl: barx12x2
                    jm press: 80x12x2


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                      Was in the Dells at a waterpark for 5 days of vacation. It was a needed break for sure...but did miss 2 workouts, but those were to be workout 1&2 of week 5 of the Beginner program, so don't feel like I missed that much.

                      Workout yesterday:

                      Squat (This is supposed to be low bar...and honestly, I have no idea if it is low bar/high bar or somewhere in between...its where I can comfortable rotate my shoulders after surgeries on both)
                      245x4, 255x4, 265x4, 240x4 (had some pain/weakness in the front of the hip on the right side, was hoping to get to 275)
                      Incline Bench: 125x10, 130x10, 135x10, 125x10 (RPE 9...right where is was supposed to be)
                      RDL: 155x8. 165x8, 175x8 (Think I could have done more here, but was concerned about next day soreness of the hammies, as I usually get that when I start these)

                      GPP Superset

                      Lateral Raises: 15'sx10x2
                      Lat Pull Down: 160x12x2
                      Rope Press Down: 40x12x2
                      BB Curl: Bar x 12x2

                      Weight was down to 204 this morning with clothes on and after being awake for 3 hours. Pants are fitting way better.


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                        In the low 40’s in the garage this evening...made for a great temp for working out. Felt good going in. Front of hip still bothering me a bit on the right side.

                        touch and go BP- 205x4, 215x4, 225x4, 210x4. ( Maybe RPe of 8.5... maybe 9)
                        3-0-3 squat - 185x7, 205x7, 215x7
                        db row-60x10, 65x10, 70x8

                        GPP superset

                        bb curl- 65x8x2
                        push down - ;(5)x15x2
                        seared calf raise 50x15

                        will probably add some pull-ups in the gpp for this workout


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                          Day 5.3 of Beginner
                          Weight down to 202. My wife noticed that my wife is down.
                          felt really good. Weights flew. Starting on day 1 of week 6, will be lifting at 5:30 AM.

                          DL: 275x4, 285x4, 295x4, 275x4 (Felt good...probably could have pushed it, but with going to working in the morning, didn’t want to be too sore)
                          OHP: 95x8, 105x8, 115x8, 105x8 ( felt really good)
                          BSS: 40x10, 60x10, 80x7 (right hip acted up a bit...hopefully these will work it out)

                          GPP Superset:

                          suspended push-up 12,10
                          lat pulldown: 180x10, 7
                          Rope presseown: 40x12, 10
                          bb curl: barx15, 12
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                            Had a funky week. Was going to change to morning workouts, but then stuff happened with my wife's work and son's schooling, so had to put that plan on hold...then travelled to Florida to see my daughter for the weekend. Was able to get two workouts in this week, but both were sort of hybrid work, combing some rep schemes and exercises to get it all in.


                            Squat: worked up to 275x4 @ 9, 2 sets at 245 x 4
                            Incline Bench: Worked up to 135x10 @ RPE 9, 1 set of 125 @ RPE 9...stopped this at 7 reps
                            RDL: 185x8, 205x8, 205x8 (Had to run and pick up my son from Karate

                            6.2 & 3

                            Squat: Worked up to 285x4, then dropped to 225 for tempo squat [email protected] for 2 sets
                            OHP: [email protected], 115x8
                            BOR: 65x10x2
                            DB Bench: 65x10x2

                            That last was done at LA Fitness in Pompano beach. All felt pretty good. Nice to work out in shorts and a t-shirt again.


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                              I restarted week 6 of the beginner program with switching to AM's this week. Still have pain in the hip that crossed the thigh and goes to inside of knee. A touch of weakness there as well. Didn't seem to have an issue training on an empty stomach, as my numbers were fine, other than having less rest as I had to get done by a hard stop time of 6:30.

                              Squat: 265x4, 275x4, 285x4, 255x4x2 (The 285 was rough...with the pain in the hip)
                              Incline: 125x10, 130x10, 135x10, 125x10 (RPE of 8.5 I'd guess on top set)
                              RDL: 185x8, 195x8, 205x8, 195x8
                              Lat pull down: 180x12x2
                              Rope triceps: 5x8x2
                              BB Curl: Bar x 20x2