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    Week 8-3 Beginner
    Day 3

    DL: 295x4, 315x4, 335x4, 305x4x3 (these felt set RPE of 8 probably)
    oHP: 105x8, 110x8, 115x8, 105x8, 105x6
    BSS: BWx10x4 (Trying to work through the leg issue)


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      Week 8-4 Beginner
      Day 1

      Squat: No go with the left leg that got irritated chasing my dog. Was able to do bodyweight lunges that were tolerable. Did 6 sets of 10 between other sets
      Incline: 135x10, 145x10, 155x8, 145x10x2 (Top set came to a quick halt. Thought RPE was good, but seemed to jump from 7-10 in one
      RDL: 205x8, 215x8, 225x8, 210x8x2

      Lateral Raise: 20dbsx10x2 (don't let weights go all the way down)
      Lat Pull: (11-stack number)x 10x2
      Triceps Push: (7)x 10x2
      BB Curl: 65x10x2


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        Repeating week 8-4
        Day 1

        squat: 255x4, 265x4, 275x4, 245x4x3( only slight quad/hip irritation...felt okay. The 245 went up quick and nice)
        Incline: 135x10, 145x10, 155x8, 140x10x2
        rdl: 185x8, 195x8, 205x8, 190x8x2 ( these did me in)

        Lateral raise: 20’sx10x2 (constant tension)
        uhlat: (12)x8x2
        triceps: (7)x10x2
        bbcurl: 65x10x2


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            Life has really gotten in the way of my training. Work has been crazy busy, coaching little league, etc. Diet has stayed pretty good. I find there is a bit of leniency there after getting 35g fiber, and 170g protein, and sort of let the rest go, while eating "healthy". Having to switch up training days to a F/Su/Tue split

            Day 1
            Squat: 275x4, 295x4, 315x2, 275x2x6
            Incline B: 135x10, 140x10, 145x10, 135x5x6
            SLDL: 205x8x3 (Was running out of time)

            Day 2
            Bench: 220x4, 227.5x4, 235x2, 240x1 (wanted to test. That 240 was RPE 9...went up pretty well.), 205x2x6
            303 Squat: 205x7, 215x7, 225x7, 245x2 (Test the hip/leg...felt good), 225x4x4
            DB Row: Worked up to 70'sx10x4

            Lat Raise: 20'sx10x2
            UH Lat: 12x8x2
            Triceps (7)x10x2 (really squeezed)
            BB Curl: 65x12, 65x8 (Slow eccentric)