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IRON & STONE: The (Redundant) Adventures of an Amateur Strongman

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  • mouse
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    Sure am...

  • gymdad150

    You still in WNY?

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  • mouse

    Axle Deadlift
    455x6, 480x6x 500x6, 405x3x4 EMOM

    Wide Grip SSB to 18" Box
    335x5, 365x5, 385x5, 345x5
    Think poor mans camber bar

    T Bar Rows
    160x10, 170x10, 180x10x2

    Bent Band Fly
    I know these seem out of place but think of these as working on the 'crush' of a stone pick

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  • mouse

    Log Press EMOM (1 viper, 1 jerk)
    165x2x2, 180x2x2, 190x2x2, 200x2x2, 190x2x2, x180x2x2, 175x2x2

    Close Grip Incline Bench
    275x3, 245x4x3

    JM Press
    160x8, 175x8, 185x8, 170x8

    Band Rear Delts

    In hindsight I think I planned to train 2 board bench... but whatever it's a wash in the end this close to the contest anyway...

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  • mouse

    Axle Deadlift (30 sec)

    Front Squat
    355x5, 320x5x3

    365x8, 385x8, 405x8x2

    Roll Outs

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  • mouse

    BW: 215.9

    Viper Press
    245x2x3, 205x5x3

    Bench Press
    225x6, 255x6, 275x6, 260x6

    Farmers Carry 60ft

    Stone Load

    Fat Grip Curls

    Band Pressdowns

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  • IRON & STONE: The (Redundant) Adventures of an Amateur Strongman

    Like some others, I have kept (and will continue to keep) my primary log over at Exodus Strength... however Exodus is down and I took my own data for granted so out of boredom and maybe some future necessity I'm starting a redundant log here. Once Exodus comes back up I'll see if I can make it a habit of dropping entries/data once a week here as a backup. Exodus would continue to be daily updates...

    Anyway, BBM seems a bit quieter in the log/forums dept, and (I would guess) is more primarily relegated to powerlifting/general enthusiasts than strongman... but if anyone comes across this and wants to pick my brain on strongman, here's my street cred:

    I'm a 34 year old dude born/raised in WNY, started strength training and strongman in 2017. I primarily compete as a heavyweight in USS 242 and have a bunch of contests under my belt, with a few podium finishes. To date my numbers worth noting include a 705 lb deadlift, 300 lb log press, 275 lb axle press, and a 385 lb bench (I was set for 405+ last year before I took an arrow in the shoulder). Most recently I've dropped ~35 lbs of BW and plan to spend at least 2021 competing as a sub 220 middleweight. Looking like I'll have at least 4 contests this year, with one second place finish (team) and 3 more to go this year...

    I've used BBM templates in the past, and tend to grab from my experiences there when structuring programming/rep schemes/etc...

    In a few weeks post contest I'll probably run one of Alan's strongman blocks as an interim between contests to feel it out a bit (only 5 weeks between the next two...)
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