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IRON & STONE: The (Redundant) Adventures of an Amateur Strongman

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  • IRON & STONE: The (Redundant) Adventures of an Amateur Strongman

    Like some others, I have kept (and will continue to keep) my primary log over at Exodus Strength... however Exodus is down and I took my own data for granted so out of boredom and maybe some future necessity I'm starting a redundant log here. Once Exodus comes back up I'll see if I can make it a habit of dropping entries/data once a week here as a backup. Exodus would continue to be daily updates...

    Anyway, BBM seems a bit quieter in the log/forums dept, and (I would guess) is more primarily relegated to powerlifting/general enthusiasts than strongman... but if anyone comes across this and wants to pick my brain on strongman, here's my street cred:

    I'm a 34 year old dude born/raised in WNY, started strength training and strongman in 2017. I primarily compete as a heavyweight in USS 242 and have a bunch of contests under my belt, with a few podium finishes. To date my numbers worth noting include a 705 lb deadlift, 300 lb log press, 275 lb axle press, and a 385 lb bench (I was set for 405+ last year before I took an arrow in the shoulder). Most recently I've dropped ~35 lbs of BW and plan to spend at least 2021 competing as a sub 220 middleweight. Looking like I'll have at least 4 contests this year, with one second place finish (team) and 3 more to go this year...

    I've used BBM templates in the past, and tend to grab from my experiences there when structuring programming/rep schemes/etc...

    In a few weeks post contest I'll probably run one of Alan's strongman blocks as an interim between contests to feel it out a bit (only 5 weeks between the next two...)
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    BW: 215.9

    Viper Press
    245x2x3, 205x5x3

    Bench Press
    225x6, 255x6, 275x6, 260x6

    Farmers Carry 60ft

    Stone Load

    Fat Grip Curls

    Band Pressdowns


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      Axle Deadlift (30 sec)

      Front Squat
      355x5, 320x5x3

      365x8, 385x8, 405x8x2

      Roll Outs


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        Log Press EMOM (1 viper, 1 jerk)
        165x2x2, 180x2x2, 190x2x2, 200x2x2, 190x2x2, x180x2x2, 175x2x2

        Close Grip Incline Bench
        275x3, 245x4x3

        JM Press
        160x8, 175x8, 185x8, 170x8

        Band Rear Delts

        In hindsight I think I planned to train 2 board bench... but whatever it's a wash in the end this close to the contest anyway...


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          Axle Deadlift
          455x6, 480x6x 500x6, 405x3x4 EMOM

          Wide Grip SSB to 18" Box
          335x5, 365x5, 385x5, 345x5
          Think poor mans camber bar

          T Bar Rows
          160x10, 170x10, 180x10x2

          Bent Band Fly
          I know these seem out of place but think of these as working on the 'crush' of a stone pick


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            You still in WNY?


            • mouse
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              Sure am...

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            BW: 215.4 lb

            Viper Press
            215x1, 235x1x2, 215x3

            Husafell Carry
            200x120', 275x60'x2

            Stone Over 52" Bar

            So the reason for the incredibly short volume today is because I drove out to I&S and fucked up. Apparently they start at 9 now, not 10... so I literally rolled out of my truck as they were finishing up log... threw my shit on and hit those vipers absolutely stone cold lol.

            Husafell feels like absolute shit hahaha, stone was also totally cold, no warm up sets. First set was a very near missed triple, I was a touch too far back... hit two more solid doubles which considering my smol BW isnt shabby for me...


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              Last full week of training before CNY's Strongest next weekend, having Exodus down makes it vastly apparent how spoiled I am/was having that data available. Typically I'd be looking at past peaks for some ideas but I guess I'll take this as an 'opportunity' to try some stuff. Some script flipping today/tomorrow, and then probably a bunch of conditioning stuff added in until contest day.

              Officially on the Open MW roster now for Rituals of Strength 4 in Rochester June 19th. Max keg press, 'descending' axle deadlift for reps, farmers/tire medley, truck pull, and (*sigh*) last man standing stone over bar... I really want to do good at that truck pull hahaha...


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                Axle Deadlift
                525x6, 435x3x6 EMOM

                SSB Squat
                330x2x10 EMOM

                Yoke Carry 50ft
                440x1x10 EMOM

                Last run with contest weight on the deads... reps were FAST... sub-30 seconds for those 6 with more in the tank... now I'm gonna try and hang on to that conditioning lol


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                  Viper Press
                  225x1x2, 245x1x3, 255x1, 205x2x4 EMOM

                  Close Grip Bench
                  275x6, 225x3x5 EMOM

                  Incline Skullcrushers Myo Reps
                  85x16, 5, 5, 5, 4


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                    Keg/Stone to 52" Bar (60 sec)
                    265x6, 220x5, 220x7

                    Yoke Push 60ft
                    350x1x6 EMOM

                    Keg first because I don't have a heavier stone, first set with the stone it was slipping a lot, second set I put some tacky on my fingers and was able to bang out and easy 7 in a minute...

                    Yoke... just went with what I had on there to weigh it down and hell... was gonna do 10 but after 6 my legs were shot and I still want to puke...


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                      BW: 214.5

                      Log Press EMOM
                      170x3x2, 185x3x2, 195x3x2, 205x2x2, 195x3x2, 185x3x2, 170x3x2

                      Close Grip Incline Bench

                      Keg Toss

                      Sled Drag 60'
                      250x1x8 EMOM

                      Air Bike
                      10 min @6-7

                      Very close to (I think) my lowest BW in 4 years... couple of split jerks in that pyramid... not very good ones... but some lol

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                        Exodus is back up, but with it being contest week I'll log what little I do here daily until after.... then it will likely be weekly dumps...

                        Anyway, hit some singles on log yesterday... hoping to make my decision for jumps on Saturday. Leaning towards opening at 240, not screwing up 260, and then rolling some serious dice at 280 lol...


                        Viper Press
                        205x1, 225x1, 245x1x5

                        Axle Deadlift
                        405x6x2, 405x10


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                          45 Deg Incline Press


                          Band Rear Delts

                          Band Pressdowns

                          Air Bike HIIT
                          Oh fuck this lol... ~5 min of light peddling after


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                            Was planning on having some sort of session but didn't. Life got in the way in the form of our old dryer finally shitting the bed to where it wasn't worth fixing it anymore. Went and got a decent deal on a new one. So most of my afternoon got eaten up doing that and yardwork.

                            It was only gonna be some band work, maybe like a super light farmers EMOM or something. Spent some time with the theragun instead just working stuff out.