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    Workout #3 of beginner template - top sets as follows:

    Deadlift 215lbs x 4 @ 8
    Bench Press 113lbs x 8 @ 8
    Front Squat 75lbs x 10 @ 8

    I found the calculator to be surprisingly accurate. For example, using my lift numbers from earlier sessions this week the calculator suggested my front squat RPE 8 for 10 reps would be about 76lbs. I used the calculator as a sanity check, once I hit a weight that felt like a 7 or 8 I'd run it to make sure I wasn't just completely wussing out, rather than using the calculator to set up my goals. Looking back at workout #2 though, I see my FS was pretty weak, relative to todays lifting which was in-line with the x4 workout of day 1. Interesting.

    Felt good. Session RPE 8, mostly from the 10 rep front squats, otherwise would have been a 7.
    Deadlifts felt pretty good, though my grip feels like it has atrophied, and some odd elbow pain (like a tendonitis feeling).

    Tomorrow will go for a 30min slow jog, since my work capacity remains lacking.
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      Did the gpp today 26min steady jog, maybe 10min mile?

      sharp pain lower right back, sort of top of glute radiating into the spine and down a bit. Annoying but not crippling.

      Some right achiles pain that flared up a bit.

      edit - some googling suggest sacroiliac joint irritation is the closest thing ive found to what im experiencing.
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        Hey 86kg. Nice to see you back at it.

        Is jogging bothering you right from the get go? If not, I think you can limit the time to before it starts to be annoying and build up from there.
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          Didn't make it yesterday as scheduled, but got in today.

          @ Average lifter - will definitely see about easing back into the running and stopping before I notice any onset. Normally i start back running slower, but was over-eager.

          Today felt good, I had a rough week and lack of sleep etc. was worried about my performance today. but it went fine. Top sets:

          80 degrees, 77% humidity (am keeping tabs b/c I think this may play a role)

          Front Squat 100lbs (PR) x 4 @ 8
          Bench Press 100lbs x 10 @ 9 (over shot)
          Deadlift 175lbs x 8 @ 9 (my core was shot, probably from front squats?)

          Some sharp pain along top inside of right foot during/after front squats (like along the big-toes' tendon, primarily right at big toe joins foot), but resolved and did not impact other lifts. Not sure what caused that. No other pains.


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            Good workout - 55min rpe 8. 77% hunidity, 77 degrees.

            Top sets

            OHP 80lb x 4 @ 10 (really rvershot this one).
            front squat 85lbs x 7 @ 8
            barbell rows pendlay 90lbs x 10 @ 8

            Wife pointed out on my ohp that i tended to lead amd finish with my left side high. So i focused on correcting that. Perhaps it contributed to my issues with the ohp last time.


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              Good and bad.

              Good i got in my deadlift
              bad, my form is off... my left hand ends up higher than my right, maybe an inch or two, noticible on video. I attempted to correct, but wasnt able too. Next week on the higher volume deads ill see if it is weight-dependent and go from there. It is exagerrated if i "lower" the dl to ground.

              I did not do the rest of workout, but plan to tomorrow am.

              DL working sets
              205x4 @6
              215x4 @7
              220x4 @8
              220x4 @9 (bar started to slip out of hands, was focused on rrying to fix uneven finish.)


              • The Average Lifter
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                Hey 86kg.

                The imbalance in the deadlift doesn't seem to be an issue to me apart from "aesthetic" reasons. Unless you are in pain, don't worry about it.

                Nice to see your progress!

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              Close look at video, it seems to be both a function of my left arm being further out from my body, which seems to be driven my my right side being caved in or lower. My right nipple is lower than my left. Some kind of side flexing i think.

              Will know more next deadlift day.


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                Pic of the end of a 220lb deadlift from Sunday attached.

                Yesterday I lifted 135lbs a few times and had my wife watch and i tried to better ID what is going on. It doesn't seem weight dependent be ause i had the same problem at 135. (Just relaized need to try it with empty bar!

                I am at a loss. The only way I "fixed" it was by intentionally focusing on driving with my right side and bringing the bar up-and-to-my-right. My right arm was then further from my body than my left (the opposite of what normally happens) but the bar was level.

                Did my bench and front squats. gassed out on front squats and didnt hit the rx. But felt good about getting them in, i had to fight hard to get under the bar instead of going to bed. Top sets
                Bench 113 x 8 @8
                Front squat 75 x 10 @ 9


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                    Good workout, start of week 3, workout #7
                    77% humidity, 70 degrees. Had good energy. Session rpe 8.

                    Deadlifts seem to be "fixed" fixed"key was to be more concious driving up with my right side. Top sets:

                    Front squats 105lbs x 4 (8) (ended up doimg three sets at 105 instead of two by mistake)
                    bench 103lbs x 10 @9
                    deadlift 175 x 8 @8


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                      Sort of a jumbled post - had an ok session Friday, but rows just arent clicking. Sometimes they strain my back excessively. Sometimes they feel really good. Just took the weights light.

                      Partial workout this morning, just deadlift, others tonight: top sets

                      Deadlift 225x4 (8), 230x4 (230x4)
                      grip felt good. Glad to be north of 225 again.


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                        Ive been hitting my workouts, just not posting. Had a solid recent one, week 4 workout 1
                        top sets
                        Front squat 115x4 @ 8
                        Bench 115x10 @ 9
                        deadlift 175x8 @8