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    Workout number 10, week four 1 of 3.

    Top two sets:
    FS 125x4, [email protected] target [email protected]
    ohp 72.5x10, [email protected] target [email protected]
    dl 200x8, 200x8 target 210x8

    Didnt hit dl target, but very happy with ohp.


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      30min 2.85mi rpe 6
      cardio 1 of 2


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        Off day yesterday. Felt light-headed on the OHP and just wasnt there physically or mentally. Hope to bounce back.

        Workout 11, "week" 4, session 40min RPE 7

        Top two sets:
        ohp 90x4, [email protected] (target 90x4)
        FS 85x7 105x7 (target 115x7)
        no rows


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          Good workout last night. Was worried after last wirkout but this was good. Hit all targets but FS.

          Top two sets:
          Dl 235x4, 235x4 (target 235x4)
          Bbbp 130x8, 130x8 (target 130x8)
          fs 75x10, 90x10 (target 110x10)


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            17.5 lb is a drastic jump, especially with 10 rep squats

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          Yeah, i did something wrong or typo when picking that.
          Reviewing calculator i think my target should have been 100x10.
          i still dont think i would have hit it, but psycologically maybe i would haved pushed more to try.

          Run yesterday, 30min 3.3mi


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            Workout 13 "week" 5

            Only hit FS target, but still felt very good about today, as had lots of things that probably put some downward pressure on performance.
            I streched for 135x4 on the FS, the most ive done in several months. My form was much improved and i am at a lighter bodyweight, so very encouraging evidence of strength improvement.

            top two sets
            FS 130x4, 135x4 (target 130x4)
            OHP 72.5x10, 72.5x10 (target 75x10)
            dl 200x8, 205x8 (target 215x8)


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              Yesterday did workput 14. Didnt hit FS and did not do rows.

              Top two sets
              Ohp 92.5x4, 92.5x4 (hit target)
              Fs [email protected], [email protected] (target 117.5x7)

              Today did cardio 1 of 2
              30:30min 2.9mi rpe 6


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                Workout 15 week 5
                90min session rpe 8.5, 80% humidity

                Hit DL and BP targets, but not FS. Give give FS a good go though. Strength was there, but just overall gassed and didnt gut it out.

                Top two sets:
                DL 240x4, [email protected] (target 240x4)
                bbbp 135x8, [email protected] (tsrget 135x8)
                fs 75x10, 95x10 (target 105x10)


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                  Cardio 2 of 2 end of week 5

                  30min 3.1mi


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                    Workput 16 yesterday, start week 6

                    Had to split into two parts, FS and OHP in AM and DL in PM. Was a down day, but did hit FS and DL targets, though probably wouldnt have been able to get DL if not for the long break. Definitely feeling the workout today in my joints and feet and stuff, not bad at all, just a strong message that I did push myself.

                    Top two sets:
                    FS 135x4, [email protected] (target [email protected])
                    Ohp 65x10, [email protected] (target 77.5x10)
                    dl 220x8, [email protected] (target [email protected])

                    Cardio later today.


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                      Cardio 30min 3.5mi, first 3 miles in just under 26min. Rpe 8. Pushed harder than I should have. Do have some slight right knee, hip, any low back irritation.


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                        Workout 17
                        Feeling good. The knee and sciatica like irritation from running was present, but very minor and I didnt let it derail me.

                        Top two sets:
                        OHP 95x4, [email protected] (target 95x4)
                        FS 125x7, [email protected] (target 125x7)
                        Pull ups, BWx2, BWx2


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                          Poor sleep last two nights, long day, yadda yadda. Didnt hit my bench targets, and did not do front squats at all. Did hit DL targets, but grip started ti fail. Will rest up and hit it hard next workout.

                          Top two sets:
                          dl 250x4, [email protected] (target 250x4)
                          bbbp 115x8, 130x8 (target 140x8)

                          60min Session rpe 8


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                          Yes, I am doing double overhand. I will give the hook grip a try, but not confident ill commit to pushing through the learning curve. Mixed grip I'm nervous about (even though I rationally know it is fine). I am going to start using straps on top sets just to keep progressing while I sort grip out.
                          i have hit 265 doh, so in theory i do have a little more time to doh.

                          Workout #19 yesterday - hit FS PR! Happy with that. Didnt hit ohp targets, but targets were pretty aggressive. Also didnt get in last set of DL, ran out of time.

                          top two sets:

                          FS 145x4, [email protected] (target 140x4)
                          OHP 75x11, [email protected] (accidently put up 11 on first set) (target 77.5x10)
                          DL 215x8, [email protected] (target 225x8)


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                            Week 7 cardio 1 of 2
                            30min 2.85mi rpe 6