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Starting Over After A Year of Inactivity

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  • Starting Over After A Year of Inactivity

    So after more than a year away from training I knew my only reasonable option was to start anew with the Beginner Template. I have a lot of areas of my life that need improvement. I am 48 years old, 5'9", 220 pounds with a 42 inch waist. I take two types of meds to control hypertension and I have borderline sleep apnea, and my union has been on strike going on 8 weeks now too! I'm a mess!

    I've been fitted with a mandibular repositioning device and so far it dramatically reduces my snoring and I feel I sleep better.

    So today is Day 1 of me taking my health my health back and getting serious about it.

    So here is my first training session from the Beginner Template, Week 1, day 1:

    Barbell Squat 165X4 @RPE 6, 185X4 @RPE 7, 205X4 @RPE 8. These were difficult to get my shoulders and upper body in a good position, I did these beltless and will do so for now.

    Bench Press 95X10 @RPE6, 105X10 @RPE 7, 115X10 @RPE 8. I tried to do every rep with a one second pause. These had be sweating like mad and needing to catch my breath.

    Conventional Deadlift 115X8 @RPE 6, 145X8 @RPE 7, 155X8 @RPE 8. These didn't feel heavy but I was completely winded and sweating profusely after each set.

    Overall not a terrible workout but I did intentionally go with lighter loads but the overall reps acted like a good conditioning workout!