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  • mordikai
    Week 3

    Monday 9/27/2021
    run 3.5 miles 27 minutes

    Wednesday 9/29/2021
    run 3.5 miles 28 minutes

    Thursday 9/30/2021
    run 3.5 miles 27 minutes

    Friday 10/1/2021
    Bench 175x5, 195x8x4 (8+)
    Wide Pullup 5x8
    B.O. Row 175x10,195x8x2(9), 175x10(8)
    Tricep Ext. 80x10, 80x12x3(8+)

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  • mordikai
    Thursday 9/23/2021
    run 3.5 miles, 28 minutes

    Saturday 9/25/2021
    run 3.5 miles 30 minutes

    Week 2, Day 3

    Bench 175x5(5), 205x5x5(8+)
    DLift 135x8, 165x5, 215x5(7), 235x5(7+)
    Pullup wide 4x8
    S.crusher 80x10, 80x12x3(9)

    shoulder not feeling great but got through the heavier bench

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  • mordikai
    Week 2, Day 2
    Tuesday 9/21/2021 home 9:30-11:00

    Squat - 85x5x2(4),125x5x2(6),145x5x2 (8)
    DL - 65x5x2(2),115x5(4),165x5(6), 205x5(7)
    Chin-ups 4x8(9)
    Barbell curl 85x10(8), 95x10x3 (9)
    Stationary bike easy 20min (6) 300 cal

    Time: 90; RPE: 8

    The weight does not feel very heavy but legs still sore, especially noticeable deep in the squat, not sure I'm squatting deep enough. Dead-lift feels good could go heavier but just letting it progress slowly.

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  • mordikai
    Week 2, Day 1
    BW 198
    Monday 9/20/2021 home 10:05- 11:15pm

    Bench 175x3(6),195x8(9),195x6(9),195x8x2(9)
    pullup 4x12

    B.O. Row 125x8(5),175x8x3(8)
    scrusher 65x12(7),75x10x3(8)

    stationary bike 22min 300cal

    Time: 70; RPE: 8

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  • mordikai
    Week 1, Day 6
    BW 198 (I ate like a pig this week)

    Saturday 9/18/2021

    easy run 3.5 miles
    legs pretty sore from squats but felt better after run
    should have done bench workout but shoulder a little sore today, I'll do it tomorrow
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  • mordikai
    Week 1, Day 5
    BW 197

    Friday 09/17/2021 home 10:00-11:30pm

    Squat - 85x8x2 (4), 105x8x2 (5), 125x8x2 (7)
    DL - 75x6 (3), 125x6 (4), 175x5 (6)
    Chin-ups 4x8 (9)
    Dbell curl dropset 50x10x3 (9), 30x12x3 (9)
    Stationary bike easy 20min (5)

    Time: 90; RPE: 7

    felt pretty good though legs were still slightly sore from previous squat day. a little crepitus in left knee until warmed up. weight is still light but legs feel tired so I'm moving up cautiously. Dead lift feels good, weight is still pretty light but trying to be safe. the 175 felt like I was starting to work a bit, I may try 225 next workout.
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  • mordikai
    Week 1, Day 4
    BW 197
    Wednesday 9/15/2021

    run 3.5 miles about 28min (6)

    home 10:20- 11:30pm

    superset flat bench & wide pullups
    bench 125x5, 175x3, 185x3, 205x5x3 (8)?
    pullups 4x8 (9)
    s.crusher 70x12x3 (8)

    Time: 70; RPE: 8

    skipped bent over row as the left side of my low back and left wrist were hurting, probably due to unloading 6k of feed because an employee was late. chest & triceps were slightly sore from Sundays workout, but felt relatively strong. not sure if the bench press weight are accurate because I kept thinking my new 74" shorty barbell was 23lbs but it's 33lbs.
    I do like the new bar and the way it fits in the living room better.
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  • mordikai
    Week 1, Day 3
    BW 196
    Tuesday 9/14/2021 home

    30 min easy stationary bike.

    upper body, chest, triceps very sore from Monday but getting better. Legs very sore glad I went easy. Back feels good.
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  • mordikai
    Week 1, Day 2
    BW 196

    Monday 09/13/2021 home 9-10:30pm

    Squat - 65x8 (4), 65x8 (4), 115x6 (6), 115x6 (6)
    DL - 65x6 (3), 115x5 (5), 115x5 (5)
    Chin-ups 4x8 (9)
    Dbell curl dropset 50x8x3 (9), 30x10x3 (9)
    Stationary bike 23min 307cal (6)

    Time: 90; RPE: 6

    as expected squat is weak, could have done more weight but upper/inner thighs were getting tight.

    DL felt good, could have gone much heavier but testing the waters
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  • mordikai
    started a topic mordikai (bye bye chicken legs) log

    mordikai (bye bye chicken legs) log

    workout log for general strength and fitness.
    51 yo
    moderately active ( work is physical)
    bw 197

    I let myself go a bit over the pandemic and have recently starting running again and doing some moderate dumbbell work at home. prior to pandemic running 3-4 times per week, basic light weights 2 times per week. bw~ 185-190
    have never seriously lifted weights


    lose some weight (5-10lbs) while never counting "my macros"

    get faster (sub 42min 10k)

    get stronger, especially legs. I have not squatted, dead-lifted, power cleaned since high school sports, squat will definitely be the hard part, I don't expect to do more than 65lbs the first workout
    1000lb powerliftung total

    1 bad shoulder, 2 not great ankles (years of basketball), inguinal hernia a few years ago (not repaired, seems ok)

    have never used rpe before so the first few workouts may be all over the place

    want 48 hours recovery between workouts to take it easy on joints

    workouts ~ an hour 4-5 times per week

    Week 1, Day 1
    work out #1 Sunday 9/12/2021 8:57- 10:10pm (at home)
    3-4 min rest between supersets
    superset- flat bench, wide grip pull-up

    bench- 135x8 rpe 5, 155x8 rpe 6, 185x8 rpe 8, 185x8 rpe 8
    pullup 4x12 rep (-20lb bandaid)

    superset b.o. row, skull crusher w/ez curl

    row- 135x12 rpe 6, 155x10 rpe 7, 155x10 rpe 7
    s-crush- 85x6 rpe 9 had not done these after bench press and this was a little heavier than anticipated
    75x10 rpe 8, 75x10 rpe 8

    stationary bike 22 minutes, 270 cal rpe 6

    73 min, rpe 7

    over all felt pretty good, stronger than I expected in the bench as I've not barbell pressed in a long time, shoulder tight but not terrible, row felt good, ready to try the pullups without the band
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