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  • Thursday 14 March 2019
    Pumpy pump training part 2

    Barbell incline bench press: 50kgs x 8, 8, 8
    Barbell Pendlay rows: 70kgs x 8, 8, 8
    Barbell press: 40kgs x 8, 8, 7
    Barbell front squats: 50kgs x 8, 8, 8
    Barbell RDLs: 90kgs x 8, 8, 8

    A bit more pumpy pump training although a bit heavier and with a barbell. Tomoz I do the quad for 2 sets of 4 methinks and some arms as I didn't get to them today.

    Doing this workout as compared to the prior on Thursday makes me miss pumpy pump bodybuilding training... Dunno how I feel about that... I think I am going to train my arse off for this next Bridge v2 block as I will be on maintenance calories and not cutting. As per Mike Israetel, a period of maintenance after cutting is ideal, then continue the cut. As I have come down circa 8 kilos since starting BBM training, and weights have either increased slightly or stayed the same (but for the last month) I think maintenance is due.


    • Friday 15 March 2019
      The quad acclimatisation day

      Bench press: 65kgs 5, 5, 5
      Squat: 95kgs x 5, 5, 5
      Press: 42.5kgs x 5, 5, 5
      Deadlift: 120kgs x 5, 5, 5

      Barbell work all around today. Got all the above done in 45 minutes so as to pick up kiddo the first from crèche and then go meet wifey for a family dinner out. It was fine and quick and moderately light but the numbers are noceboing me to think I am weak. I am fine and will be stronger once I get back to the flow in the next week or so.

      Physique update:
      BW: 82.4kgs (7 day average: -1.0kgs on last update 3 weeks ago)
      Waist: 90cms (+0.0cm)
      Neck: 38cms (-0.5cms)
      Navy BF: 20.2% (+0.4% due to lower neck measurement)
      Calorie goal: 2,300

      Weight is down a bit, waist is the same, and body fat is up probably due to some muscle loss, as determined by the lower neck measurement. At least I didn’t get fatter and heavier. Calories will be increased a bit as want to get to maintenance so I am reverse dieting or whatever you want to call it. I may get to 2,500 and see how we go for this development block.


      • Wednesday 20 March 2019
        Bridge v2 Week 1 Weights Day 1

        Session length: 42 minutes
        Session RPE: @7
        Arbitrary Units: 42x7=294

        Bench press (1 count)

        Squat with belt

        Deadlift from blocks

        I was not able to get to the gym on Monday to start Bridge v2 as kiddo was ill. Today was the first session and the first time training at 20:30. Later than I would prefer, but that is what is now available to me. First session was OK. I lowered the weight across the board slightly with a view to getting in the reps and sets without killing myself and then building up moderately aggressively over the next few weeks.

        As I will be getting back from the gym at circa 22:00 I am still feeling out the diet. Do I have a meal of sorts after I get back? I am thinking a protein shake and some fats and then to bed. I do eat around 19:00 prior to going so there is some food in the system before training. It is after that is the query...


        • Thursday 21 March 2018

          Seated cable row
          54kgs 8, 8, 8, 8
          Assisted wide grip pull ups
          BW-32.5kgs (49.5kgs) 8, 8, 8
          Leaning forward dumbbell lateral raises
          6kgs 10, 10, 10
          Dumbbell palms up curls
          8kgs 10, 10
          Tricep rope push downs
          16.25kgs 10, 10
          Calves leg press raises (flex 3s, stretch 3s each rep)
          Sled + 80kgs 10, 10
          Abs front side planks and V sit - 5 minutes
          Power cleans - EMOM
          40kgs 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

          Forgive me for I have not done GPP in almost 2 months to the day. Bah, who cares. I still have lost body fat due to diet. I ride every day from the station to work and back again (40 minutes round trip), I walk everywhere while at work and I hoof it in training; i.e. little to no rest between warm up sets, 3 minutes between competition lifts and 2 minutes between other lifts. Conditioning is fine. I couldn't give a stuff about running and being able to run from here to there in a short amount of time.

          I am not a fan of cardio (I get bored really easily with it), so I thought I would do barbell complexes. I realised, after I had loaded up the bar to total 40kgs, it was probably a bit heavy and a bit silly to do complexes (you know something like: clean, front squat, over head press, down to rear shoulders, good morning, lunge, overhead press to front shoulders, stiff leg deadlift back down to the ground, and repeat). So as I am lazy, I thought I would do EMOM power cleans of sets of 3. Twas fun. Next time I might to a few sets of snatches for shits and giggles and then clean and jerk. Whatever, I want to have fun training, not get bored. I was even thinking of some strongman type stuff: hold two 25kgs bumper plates together like a Husafell stone (hálfdrættingur ("weakling") level at 50kg) and go for a walk, farmers walks, rope drags (don't have a sled but tie a plate to a rope or whatever), put two bumpers on the ground and push them like a sled, blah, blah, blah. Cardio should be banned.


          • OHBEE
            OHBEE commented
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            Hi, Ted. Thanks for keeping a training log here, I enjoy checking in. I just started doing barbell complexes last week (3x5 twice/week) while wrapping up 4 day hypertrophy. I really liked doing them and will continue using as my GPP for the time being. I ran through the following: dead, front squat, press, back squat, row, RDL. I think 43kg is a good starting weight.

            You may have seen this already, but here's a link to the article/video by Justin Lascek which gave me the bright idea:



        • Friday 22 March 2019
          Bridge v2 Week 1 Weights Day 2

          Session length: 44 minutes
          Session RPE: @7.5
          Arbitrary Units: 44x7.5=330

          Press with belt
          Pause squat (2 count)
          Pendlay rows
          Training during the arvo today as I had the day with kiddo and he was in creche. I am weak and a bit sore. It won't last though. Feeling good getting back to lifting things.

          Physique update:
          BW: 82.5kgs (7 day average: +0.1kgs)
          Waist: 88.5cms (-1.5cms)
          Neck: 38cms (-0.0cms)
          Navy BF: 19.1% (+1.0%)
          Calorie goal: 2,300

          Weight is about the same, and waist is down a quite a bit, as I found out yesterday as well when putting my belt on for bench press and squats and found it loose. Noice! Calories are probably around 2250, but hey, it's close enough.


          • Tuesday 10 April 2019
            Bridge v2 Week 1 Weights Day 1 [REPEAT]

            Session length: 38 minutes
            Session RPE: @7.5
            Arbitrary Units: 38x7.5=285

            Bench press (1 count)
            Squat with belt
            Deadlift from blocks
            I am back and hopefully more consistently and regularly this time. This is despite Kiddo the Second joining us in 4 weeks time. The wife and I are discussing it, but I will probably stick to 3 days a week without GPP (or minimal) initially. I am running Bridge v2 now and will try to continue it post-partum.

            Session was OK today. Slight tingle/twinge/feeling in my left elbow/forearm/triceps while bench pressing so I kept it at 65kgs. Squats were OK as were deadlifts from blocks. I could have gone heavier, but I thought I will build it up over the next few weeks.


            • Wednesday 24 April 2019
              Bridge v2 Week 1 Weights Day 2 [REPEAT]

              Session length: 26 minutes
              Session RPE: @7
              Arbitrary Units: 26x7=182

              Pause squat (2 count)
              Good quick session. Glad to be in the gym. I have had a really tough time wanting to go to the gym to train. Motivation is quite low. However, part of it is inertia and once there it is fine. I am on a fat loss diet as my weight has crept up over the last couple of months and I am getting a little fluffy. I will continue Bridge v2 as I seek to regain my strength and that can be done on a caloric deficit.


              • Friday 26 April 2019
                Bridge v2 Week 1 Weights Day 3

                Session length: 40 minutes
                Session RPE: @7
                Arbitrary Units: 40x7=280

                Squat (no belt)
                Floor press
                The order was changed with floor press being moved last due to working in with someone doing squats. It was fine. Deadlift felt good and strong. Bloody 10 rep squats. I had never done floor press before. I like it. Still trying to get used to the shorter motion and the dead stop in no man's land. It will come.

                The gent I was working in with during squats asked what my max squat was. I told him 140kgs. He asked me if I had done a meet, to which I replied I hadn't. He told me I should give one a go. I may just do so. We had a quick chat about meets in London and the like and ended up having a further chat about Starting Strength, BBM, RTS, and a few other things and other gyms in the area. We may catch up for a chat next week to talk more about doing a meet. I mentioned it to my wife and she told me to go for it. So there may be a meet in my future. Kiddo the second comes first though, he is due in just over a week.

                Physique update:
                BW: 83.6kgs (7 day average: +0.9kgs on two weeks ago)
                Waist: 89cms (+0.5cms)
                Neck: 38cms (0.0cms)
                Navy BF: 19.4% (+0.3%)
                Calorie goal: 2,150

                It has been a couple of weeks since my last update here. Weight has trended up due to eating a bit more than usual the prior week as meals were all over the shop. However this past week, well these past 5 days, have been more controlled except for last night with some Chinese for dinner. The increase in weight is probably a bit more water weight. Either way I am back on a lower calorie target to trim up while getting stronger.


                • llaffin
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                  I second doing a meet, it's a great experience and excellent training motivator!

              • Well it has been a while. Since I last posted my wife gave birth to our second child. I am on long term shared parental leave helping out my wife at home. Well, we are on a long term holiday in Greece at the moment with another 4 weeks to go.

                I have managed to start training again, although the consistency of MWF is a bit out of whack with some training on consecutive days and sometimes it is pushed out more than ideal. I have been doing Bridge v2 over the last couple of months and this coming week is the last week of the program. Yes, I brought my shoes, belt, straps, wraps on holiday, as did wifey. I tell you training in the gym with a baby on hand is an interesting experience, particularly with the toddler running around and playing with toy weights as well and the wife training in the next rack. Tis a crossfit gym and we know the owner so he is nice enough to allow us to bring the entire family (although we leave the dog at the apartment).

                Either way, I am at almost pre break/pause/hiatus training levels, with squat [email protected] of 132.5kgs, bench press at 90kgs, deadlift at 175kgs, and press at 62.5kgs (all done last week). I will complete Bridge v2 and then do a few weeks of pivot/hypertrophy training as the gym here in Greece closes in 3 weeks time. Once I get back to London I will do Bridge v3 and really push it past previous PR levels.

                Physique update is meh. Eating without any real consistency, average portion control, and I usually get 3 meals a day usually with breakfast the same everyday. Lunches and dinners are a bit all over the place. Again, once back home in London I will try to regularise meals, although it is incredibly difficult with a baby and toddler in the house. It is getting better as bub is now almost 3 months old and for those that are parents, some semblance of normality starts around now (although only a semblance).