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    DL (conv) - [email protected], [email protected], 355x5, 355x5, 355x5, 355x5
    Bench w/chains - 205x5, 215x5, [email protected], 215x5, 215x5
    High Bar Squat (no belt) - 185x10, 205x10, 225x10

    -Absolutely smoked after this session, have some low back fatigue but still able to get 435 for a pretty easy top single. the rest of the pulls went really slow but steady. strength is there just a little sluggish as fatigue is hampering my explosiveness. same thing with bench, actually dropped top set weight by 10 pounds from last week but im ok with it, trying to keep with rpe rather than pushing linear progression when its not there. one thing im considering is lightening the loads on the beltless (slot 3) movements at the end of the session, minimizing rest time and making it more of a body building, mind-muscle connection than treating it like a strength movement like im currently doing. 225 for a high bar squat, even beltless, is really easy but not after 30 reps lol and im not tough enough to push hard on 3 movements 4x a week, sorry but im not baraki lol


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      Squat w/chains (+90) - 275x4, 295x4, [email protected], 295x4, 295x4
      Press - 145x5, 152x5, [email protected], 150x5, 150x5
      WG Bench - 175x10 x4 sets

      -Very nice session today, weather was awesome in the garage, wasnt in a rush, felt great on squats even though i had some reservations going in due to monday and tuesdays sessions being very strenous and leaving me with some residual fatigue. press felt mmuch better this week and i included video. still a very weak lift from a technical standpoint, i have the least amount of experience with it. i forgot to look at my E1RM on RTS app but i believe its somewhere in the 185-195 range which means i somehow have 40 lbs to go this cycle...might be unrealistic but ill chase it. in other news, trying frantically to get my 2 littles in daycare this summer so i can actually get some work done and continue to lift on my schedule.


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        DL w/chains (+90) - 305x4, 325x4, [email protected], 305x4, 305x4
        CG Bench - 265x4, 275x4, [email protected], 265x4, 265x4
        SLDL (no belt) - 225x10 x4 sets

        - not the greatest session, i got the work done but i lacked focus, wasnt rating rpe well, misjudged load on pulls, felt a little lower back tweak...all in all not great but at least i did it. now i can rest for 2 days


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          Squat w/belt - [email protected], [email protected], 335x5x5
          1ct Bench - [email protected], [email protected], 275x4x5
          Press (no belt) - 95x10 x4 sets

          - this was about 2 hours, and the most amount of work im willing to do in one session. squat single was goofy looking but not "hard". bench single better than expected, smooth.
          - broke the 10k tonnage for squat volume which was almost a volume PR. total squat stress for the day was 4.5 RTS units, a PR so far. not sure if thats a good or bad thing yet.

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            DL (conv) - [email protected], [email protected], 365x5x5
            Bench w/chains - 205x5, 215x5, [email protected], 215x5x2

            -Went to do my 4 sets of beltless high bar squats for my 3rd slot and it felt horrible so I ditched them. This still took 90 minutes, which is pretty long for me. I am lucky right now becasue I have more free time but next week when my kids are home from spring break I wont be able to leave them alone for that long. And this summer I have them in camp on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I may be moving days around to something like training Sat,Sun,Tues,Thurs. which is totally fine. I sound like a broken record but I just hate doing the 3rd slot high rep movement, high reps have always felt like shit to me and seem to wear me down more ie: I get aches and pains and feel sluggish. I am feeling really strong right now though even with some aches like my left delt, SI joint and hips....Pretty typical with the higher volulme and frequency that Im getting right now.



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              Im on week 4 of BBM Strength III and things are going great especially for bench, unfortunately i seem to have developed some left delt pain and loss of ROM. It doesnt feel muscular, it feels joint/tendon/rotator cuff related almost like an impingement. Hurts to raise and lower, but mostly hurts to rotate back and forth like throwing a baseball or to raise the delt like when you do a side raise with a DB. I knew I should have omitted benching yesterday but like a dumbass i went ahead and did it any way. sucks bc my bench has been doing really well, i think i could have got to PR territory and also I wanted a 225 pound press this cycle. I am going to take thurs and fri off upper body and just do lower lifts. maybe next monday i will be good to go for a low stress bench day and ill have time to get back on track. boo hoo


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                Squat w/ Chains - up tp 225 with R and L hip pain
                Press - bar x 15 for 2 sets (shoulder rehab)

                - Well I can say definitively this is the most dinged up ive ever been. Seems like it hit me all at once; hip pointers both sides, left shoulder bursitis...somehow through all this my low back is fine lol. This is part of the game, Im not injured, I just over reached the last couple of weeks. im going to throw in the towel for sessions 3 and 4 this week and im sure by monday ill be feeling better. the bright side of today was that the pressing went well and i didnt have too much discomfort doing them.


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                  Squat w/belt - 315x5, 330x5, [email protected]
                  Temp Bench rehab - 95x4 x3 sets
                  Bench rehab - 45x12 x3 sets
                  Press rehab - 45x10 x3 sets

                  - Its been over a week since I've squatted and I feel really detrained.
                  - Shoulder is weak, stingy pain during certain movement and ranges of motion, but was able to bench 95 without pain so that's an entry point
                  - I think the last few weeks I've been training at RPE 10 without wanting to admit it and its taken a toll. This time I am capping my top sets based off % E1RM. I can certainly go lighter if RPE warrants, but I cant go higher until test week 13. That should keep me in check a bit this time around.
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                    DL conv - 365x5, [email protected]
                    Bench rehab - 45x15x3
                    Press rehab - 45x10x3


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                      Renewed my USAPL membership and registered for the USA Powerlifting 2022 Staying Alive Champions in Ft Collins this Sept.

                      I will be competing in the 100 kg class. I guess they switched the weight classes around bc I used to compete in 105kg class.

                      It will be 4 years since my last meet but im ready to compete again. I gotta get my shoulder healthy first, then ill start planning more as I get closer. Still a ways out.


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                        Ive been training, but I had to ditch the BBM template bc i was completely beat down from ankles to hips and then developed a nasty case of shoulder bursitis. (Im following the advice found here and here )I have no doubt in my mind that it was my fault, an incorrect application of RPE and stubbornly trying to stick to unsustainable increases. For the time being I am doing a basic HLM to decrease load, volume, and frequency and give me a rest. My meet is in ~6 months.

                        Now im logging on 3 sites...sheesh I probably should just pick one lol


                        3/21 (H)

                        Squat - 275x5x5
                        Bench - 225x5x5
                        DL - 315x5

                        - Easy session to start. Probably could have done these for sets of 10.
                        - Left delt still feeling a little uncomfortable from previous program where I was benching too much

                        3/23 (L)

                        Pause Squat - 235 x 5 x 3
                        Press - 125 x 5 x 3
                        Chins - 215 x 5 x 3

                        - Nice and easy, shoulder feeling a lot better, around 90%

                        3/25 (M)

                        Squat - 245 x 5 x 3
                        Close Grip Bench - 205 x 5 x 3
                        SGDL - 285 x 5 x 3

                        - Lower body loads still very light.
                        - Left delt not doing well after wed presses. feels weak, pops a lot, some discomfort. I will see how the weekend goes, maybe take some IB profin and if mondays H session goes good ill keep training pressing movements on track with lower. However, if monday comes around and my shoulder isnt any better or is worse, ill have to start back at the bar and slowly go up to where there is no discomfort. in other words, rehab it correctly. i was hoping i could train around it like i do for lower and middle back pain but this may be different. either way i have plenty of time to get it healed before my meet in Sept.


                        3/28 (H)
                        Bw: 221

                        Squat - 285 x 5 x 5
                        Bench Rehab - 95 x 5 x 5, 45 x 20
                        DL - 325 x 5

                        - Obviously the shoulder is not where I want it to be, worked up to 185 on bench but it just didnt have the strength or stability and anything over 135 is uncomfortable. Thought "why push it now when im 6 months out?" Will rehab up LP style from 95lbs for bench and from 45lbs for OHP
                        - Squats moved well but felt a little goofy
                        - Deads: Working on standing 1-2 in from bb, bending knees to bb without moving it, shoving knees out to elbows, raising chest to set back, and pulling bar up legs

                        3/30 (L)

                        Paused Squat - 235 x 5 x 3
                        Press rehab - 45 x 5 x 5, 45 x 15
                        Chins (BW) - 215 x 5 x 3

                        - Using the thumbless grip for squats as it allows my shoulder a little more flexibility with less pain. May try to keep it, but once I get to 90%+ loads the bar starts slipping up my neck.
                        - Left delt responds pretty well to the lighter weights, especially the higher rep set at the end. may need more of that, Star style.

                        4/1 (M)

                        Squat - 255 x 5 x 3
                        Bench rehab - 105 x 5 x 5, 45 x 20
                        SGDL - 295 x 5 x 3

                        - Shoulder feeling a little better day by day. Still pops and hurts in certain positions and feels "stuck". I am certain I will rehab it back to prime by the time my meet rolls around.
                        - Really like Snatch grips. They get my upper back really involved, and I can really feel the leg pressing from the floor.


                        4/4 (H)

                        Squat - 295 x 5 x 5
                        Bench rehab - 115 x 5 x 5, 45 x 20
                        DL - 335 x 5

                        -Pulls flew! felt like 135 on the bar. I was able to get real tight and pull the slack out of the bar and explode up with it. Still a little challenging to not let the bar drift away from my shins, which is what was creating such a rounded upper back before.

                        4/6 (L)

                        Paused Squat - 235 x 5 x 3
                        Press rehab - 55 x 5 x 5, 45 x 15
                        Chins - 215 x 5 x 3

                        4/8 (M)

                        Squat - 265 x 5 x 3
                        Bench rehab - 125 x 5 x 5, 45 x 20
                        SGDL - 305 x 5 x 3

                        - Pulls actually somewhat challenging. I was going by the guideline of -10% of H day for M day, and while that may work well for bench and squat, I think for pulls -20% might be more realistic. For now, I will probably either just take 5lb jumps or stay at 305 for a few weeks to "catch up".


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                          4/11 (H)

                          Squat - 305 x 5 x 5
                          Bench rehab - 135 x 5 x 5, 45 x 20
                          DL - 345 x 5

                          - Shoulder is really no better or worse, just tolerating the loading a little better...maybe just mental, or familiarity at this point.


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                            4/13 (L)

                            Paused Squat - 245 x 5 x 3
                            Press rehab - 65 x 5 x 5, 45 x 15
                            Chins - 215 x 5 x 3

                            - Chins need to start adding weight belt. BW too easy. Will go up 5lbs/wk. 215 is baseline bc thats my typical BW.


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                              4/15 (M)

                              Squat - 275 x 5 x 3
                              Bench rehab - 145 x 5 x 5, 45 x 20
                              SGDL - 310 x 5 x 3

                              - Solid month of HLM. Shoulder still sucks. Im beginning to temper my expectations that this will resolve quickly, and be okay with the fact that I may have to work around this for months, not weeks.


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                                I am noting my protein intake today bc Ive never tracked it, always assumed I get enough, and I was considering stopping taking whey protein because costs are absurd right now.

                                6 eggs (36)
                                2 slices ezekiel bread (10)
                                1 tbsp peanut butter (7)
                                1 protein shake w/milk (25)
                                1 banana (0)
                                2 cups coffee (0)

                                1/2 c cottage cheese (12)
                                1/4 c cashews (5)

                                homemade mac n cheese w/parm (10)
                                1/2 c strawberries (0)
                                1 protein shake w/milk (25)

                                10 oz corned beef (50)
                                carrots, cabbage, potatoes (2)
                                Bread (5)

                                honey yogurt (13)

                                chamomile tea w/ lemon (0)

                                TOTAL PROTEIN = 200g

                                * The outcome of this experiment is that today was fairly normal, however I dont always take 2 shakes and some dinners are smaller portions of meat, so I cant say with confidence that im getting 200g on a daily basis. I think its imperative from here on out to take at least 2 scoops (50g) every day. Sucks because I just spent 200 bucks on an 11lb bag of protein that used to cost me 70 a few months ago