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  • Paulscaffs Training Log

    I will be starting PB1 this coming week and thought I would start journaling my progress. This will be my introductory post before commencing on Monday.

    My stats so far

    Age-35 Height-5ft 11" Weight-106.6kg

    LP Results

    Squat: 140kg @ 5/5/5, 142.5kg @ 5/5/4
    Deadlift: 160kg @ 1x5
    Bench (TnG) 77 5kg @ 5/5/5
    Press (classic) 57.5kg @ 5/5/5, 60kg @ 4/4/3

    Bridge 1.0 Results

    Squat: 142.5kg x [email protected] 8, 137.5kg x [email protected] 8
    Deadlift: 180kg x [email protected] 8.5, 167.5kg x 3 @RPE 8
    Bench (1ct Pause) 85kg x [email protected] 8, 82.5 x [email protected] 9
    Press (classic) 62.5kg x 1 @RPE 8, 60kg x [email protected] 9

    Since the start of the bridge ive had a sore right elbow, which i believe may be from squatting, which ive tried to fix by making sure of less weight on my wrists. Its not really been a big issue, but it was pretty noticeable on my last OHP day.

    Although my numbers didnt improve significantly, I believe this was because I was trying to keep the numbers within the RPE range, I also believe my form improved alot, and I had plenty of "ah-a" moments, especially with my deadlift and bench, so hopefully I can concentrate on driving up the numbers in this PB1 phase.

    Any thoughts, comments and criticisms will be welcome throughout.


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    Thought I would log my last few sessions on the bridge this week.

    Week 8 Low Stress. Thursday GPP1

    Lat Pulldowns Supinated 7 mins Amrap-RPE 8 Sets-30 secs rest.

    Total of 66 Reps at 54.3kg.

    Planks @ 45s + Ab Wheel Rollouts @ RPE 8. 4 Supersets

    Rollouts were 15, 10, 10, 8.

    Notes: Im a bit concerned that the fatigue from supersets could be carrying over to my deadlift day which is the very next day.
    im going to change this up during my PB1 phase and do 7mins planks on GPP day 1 and 7 mins Rollouts AMRAP on GPP day 2.

    LISS C2 Rower for 30 mins-Damper 6

    Total- 6702 metres

    Notes: I actually missed my LISS workout last week and it was the only session I missed. For some reason I decided to adjust the damper from 5 last time, up to 6 and managed to add 1200 metres onto my distance, but I think it had a knock on effect on Fridays session the next day.

    Im in two minds on whether to remove Rowing from my LISS in PB1 and choose something thats less taxing in my lower back and legs so that I can perform well on my next strength session. Possibly stationery bike.


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      Week 8 Low Stress- Day 3/Friday

      Due to this being a low stress week, I was hoping that I would hit some PB's due to having less volume, but this turned out not to be the case. Im wondering if my LISS on the rower the previous day had something to do with it.

      Deadlift- [email protected], [email protected] x 1

      Set 1 - 172.5kg @ RPE 8.5 (180kg previous week)
      Set 2 - 162.5kg @ RPE 9 (167.5kg 4 sets previous week)

      Notes: I noticed during my 5 mins rowing warmup, and my ramp up sets that my lower back felt really fatigued and sore and struggled to match the previous week, nevermind hit a PR.

      Bench 1ct- [email protected], [email protected] x 1

      Set 1 - 85kg (ended up being RPE 9 instead of 8, last week I recorded the same weight as RPE 8.

      Set 2 - 80kg ( 3 reps ended up being RPE 10, last week I hit 4 sets of [email protected] RPE 9)

      Notes: I reckon the poor deadlift progress carried over to my bench this session and regressed along with it, also noticing my right elbow pain more.

      Beltless squat: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] x 2

      Set 1 - 90kg
      Set 2 -100kg
      Set 3/4 - 107.5kg

      Notes: All sets went fine dispite my previous 2 excercises, added 2.5kg from last time onto all sets.


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        Final notes on the Bridge 1.0

        I really enjoyed the program and it was a welcome change from the grind of linear progression.

        I feel that I got used to guaging RPE after the first week, the only thing thats a bit sketchy RPE wise is the deadlift, during my top sets my first rep always feels like an RPE 9-10, but then I somehow manage to blast out my target reps (apart from my last session where it all went a bit downhill).

        i really enhoyed the squat variations like paused and pin squat, and it would be interesting to know how far I could have taken these.

        I believe my form also improved on all lifts which i believe is important and will give my a good foundation moving forward into further programs. I believe this was because of the extra volume and feeling that there was more time to "practice" the lifts, compared to LP where i was a bit scared to waste energy so that i could perform my 3x5 RPE 10 grinders.

        Really looking forward to PB1.

        Ive got some Ibuprofen cream that ive never used so will smother some of it on my elbow before lifting so that I can concentrate on my pressing movements properly.


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          PB1 Week 1 Monday

          Squat: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

          Set 1 - 110kg x 5 @ 6
          Set 2 - 120kg x 5 @ 7
          Ser 3 - 130kg x 5 @ 8

          Notes: Squats felt really smooth. Havent done fives since mid bridge so happy with that.

          Press Belt: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

          Set 1 - 35kg x 8 @ 6
          Set 2 - 40kg x 8 @ 7
          Set 3 - 45kg x 8 @ 8

          Notes: Presses felt good, bit wierd doing 8 reps with a lower weight though, I had to forget about the ego for this one.
          Just to mention, my presses arent 100% strict and i use a "Fagenbounce" which ive done since the end of LP.

          Romanian Deadlift: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

          Set 1 - 80kg x 10 @ 6 (double overhand)
          Set 2 - 100kg x 10 @ 7 (Hook Grip)
          Set 3 - 110kg z 10 @ 8 (Straps) (Belt)

          Notes: Never done these before, but was really looking forward to them and really enjoyed it.
          I noticed these were quite taxing on my grip after the first set, more so in the forearms, so changed over to hook, and then to straps so that I could concentrate fully on the lift.
          I also used a belt on my last set.
          Going forward I will probably use a belt for all work sets, so that I can use higher weight and get some more carryover to deadlift.

          Leg Extensions: 3 sets of 12-20, 1 minute rest.

          Set 1 - 18kg x 30 reps (chose too light a weight)
          Set 2 - 25kg x 20 reps.
          Set 3 - 25kg x 15 reps

          Notes: Again, never did these before, so my first choice of weight was a bit too light. I noticed there was a couple of ways to do these, explosively to get more reps, or slow the tempo and get a good squeeze at the top.

          Would be interesting to know how you guys do yours.

          Really enjoyable session and felt really fresh afterwards, almost zero fatigue, but then again its low stress week so obviously its going to be a bit easier, no doubt it will get more challenging as the volume increases in the upcoming weeks.


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            Hey. Congratulations on the new program! Looking forward to your progress.


            • Paulscaff1
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              Cheers bud!

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            PB1 Week 1 Wednesday

            Bench 1ct: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

            Set 1 - 65kg x 5 @ 6 RPE
            Set 2 - 70kg x 5 @ 7 RPE
            Set 3 - 75kg z 5 @ 9 RPE

            Notes: First time ever doing bench as my first excercise, I honestly though I would set some 5 rep PRs due to not having pre fatigue and because of the low rep strength periods during the bridge.
            it didnt turn out this way though, my top set of RPE 8, turned out to be a 9 (maybe even 9.5) it felt rediculously heavy.

            I had some pain in my right shoulder/neck/scapula which originated from a bad deadlift rep midway through the bridge. Ive always been able to train through it, but could definetely feel it on my top set, and right side was noticeably weaker.

            Squat (belt): [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

            Set 1 - 80kg x 10 @ 6 RPE
            Set 2 - 90kg x 10 @ 7 RPE
            Set 3 - 100kg x 10 @ 8 RPE

            Notes: Never done high rep squats before, these felt fine. I was kind of switched off during them as I was constantly thinking about my weak bench progress. 3rd set was quite tough though, only because it was hard to hold my valsalva during the last few reps. But strength wise, no problem.

            1-Arm DB Rows: Myo-Reps

            Set 1 Activation - 14kg x 30 reps

            Then several sets of 5 reps.

            Notes: Again these were new to me, I was supposed to do between 12-20 reps for my activation set, I accidentaly chose too light a weight (14kg dumbell) and had to stop myself at 30 reps or else I would be there all night.
            I upped the weight to 20 kg for my 5 rep sets and had to stop after about 10 sets for each arm because I was looking a bit wierd.
            Next time I will have to up the weight significantly to find the sweet spot. But I just took it as a learning experience. It was pretty painfull on the lower back though, so i think that maybe my back angle may be off as I used an angled sit-up bench rather than a flat one.

            Seated Side Delt DB Raises: 3 x 12-20 @ RPE 7

            Set 1 - 6kg x 18 reps
            Set 3 - 4 kg x 18 reps
            Set 3 - 4 kg x 14 reps

            Notes: side raises felt like the most logical choice out of the selections. These were fine.

            This was mentaly quite a tough workout.

            Im letting my ego get the better of me though, and will just put it down as the odd "bad day". Might need to make some slight form adjustments, starting with increasing my grip width a touch........Onto the next one.
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              PB1 Week 1 Thursday GPP

              Upper Back- Supinated Lat Pulldowns 7 mins AMRAP

              55.4kg x 48 reps

              Trunk Work - Planks 7 mins AMRAP

              Arms - Triceps- Rope Cable Pushdown.

              Set 1 - 10.2kg x 20 Reps (weight too light, stopped at 20)
              Set 2 - 12.5kg x 14 Reps (Thats more like it)
              Set 3 - 12.5kg x 12 Reps.

              Arms - Biceps - Seated Alternate Dumbell Curls.

              Set 1 - 8kg x 20 reps per arm.
              Set 2 - 8kg x 19 reps per arm
              Set 3 - 8kg x 15 reps per arm

              Steady State Cardio - 25 mins Rowing, Damper 5

              5429 metres, 132 average watts, 315 calories


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                Good stuff man. Keep at it.


                • Paulscaff1
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                  Cheers mate. Ive actually failed to add my last several sessions. As of today I will have 6 sessions to update in the log. Keep putting it off, but list keeps growing. I will probably add them in over the weekend.

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                Hey Paul. Can I ask you which video of Jordan's you had referred for deadlifting? Also, you absolutely should update this log